Roadie The Jack Russell

What could have been a tragic morning for Roadie, a lost Jack Russell Terrier from Maryland, took a happy turn Friday thanks to the efforts of an ex-Hagerstown, Maryland mayor, a McDonald’s manager, and several dog-loving breakfast patrons.

“Several of us were at McDonald’s when we saw this cute little wiry-haired Jack Russell Terrier walking up the sidewalk,” former Mayor Steven T. Sager said.

Concerned about the dog’s safety, Sager went outside and called the dog, who took two steps toward him, then changed his mind and ambled out into traffic, Sager said.

“He avoided a huge white truck by a few feet,” McDonald’s Manager Scott Levine said.

Levine then took a sausage patty, and he and some other customers used it to coax the dog, who had a collar but no tags, out of the road.

When he was finally caught, two customers held Roadie while another went to look for a rope which they used to tie him to a small tree in the shade.

Soon, the elderly male dog was doing tricks for a crowd of adoring patrons who fed him dog biscuits. Eventually, the small crowd nicknamed him Ronald after Ronald McDonald.

In an attempt to find the dog’s owner, the rescuers called local radio station WJEJ and shared their story on the air. Within two hours, the radio announcement did its work.

The dog’s owner, Michael Holland, said he was searching for his dog when a neighbor told him there was a Jack Russell Terrier at McDonald’s. The man’s wife had heard about it on the radio, Holland said.

A few phone calls later Roadie, was safely back home.

Holland, who lives a few blocks away from McDonald’s, said Roadie had gotten out that morning as he was preparing to take him for a walk. The dog wanted to get into the swimming pool, but Holland didn’t let him.

“I guess he got mad,” he said.

Holland said he was grateful to those who had coaxed Roadie out of the street and helped reunite him with his owner.

As for the star of the adventure?

“He’s happy,” Holland said. “He got spoiled a lot.”

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files