By now, I’m sure you are well aware of Patrick The Miracle Dog of Newark, NJ and how he was starved for months and thrown down a garbage chute, only to be rescued by the Apartment Superintendent.

It’s made news worldwide and now Newark Mayor Cory Booker is talking about it and his plan for a new Newark, NJ Animal Shelter. Please watch the video, then read my comments below.

I’ve been very impressed with what Cory Booker has done for Newark for quite some time now. You see, the Dog Files Offices are only ten minutes away from Newark, NJ and I’ve seen, first hand, the change that has come to Brick City.

But while a state-of-art animal shelter in Newark, NJ would be a great idea, it’s really just dealing with the effect of animal neglect and cruelty, not the causes.

Here are a few of the steps that the Dog Files would like to see happen for Newark, NJ.

1. Start a school program that addresses Animal Care and Empathy for grades K through 9. Get children early on to appreciate animals and pets. As the Dog Files always says, to learn to love, care and respect these incredible creatures and the gifts they give us everyday. Secondly, mix in a bite prevention program that would lower dog bites and in turn, keep more people out of emergency rooms and engender more love for dogs.

2. Start a Low/No Cost Spay & Neuter Revolution in Newark, NJ. That’s right, I send revolution. You see, having this hidden at a local vet office would really do nothing to help the cause of unwanted pets and strays roaming the city. What Newark needs is a Spay/Neuter mobile vehicle that would travel straight to the people. And a public service campaign of spay & neuter awareness to educate the folks about why their pets should be fixed.

3. Newark’s animal cruelty laws need to be updated and strengthened.

Kisha Curtis, 28, the person authorities say starved the dog for months, wrapped it in a plastic bag and dumped him in the garbage chute from about 20 floors up, was originally charged with two counts of abandonment and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to the animal. Only after world-wide outrage did prosecutor’s upgrade the charges to torture and torment of a living creature, a fourth-degree criminal offense.

Newark and New Jersey Animal Cruelty laws need more teeth. The world shouldn’t have to show outrage for animal cruelty charges to be stiffened.

Abusing animals is really a sign of things to come for an abuser. Many animal abusers are already breaking other laws and commiting other criminal offenses. And need I say that it is but a small leap from torturing a pet to abusing a child.

4. And finally, the words, “state-of-the-art” and “animal shelter” can ONLY be connected if the words “No Kill” are between them.

Not just the wave of the future, No Kill shelters are a reality today. They show empathy and kindness to our animal friends and lead by example.

Mayor Booker, the Dog Files would love to be involved with developing an Animal Care and Empathy program for the great city of Newark, NJ.

The revitalization of a city can never be complete without the needs of it’s animals also being met.

Our only wish is that Newark, NJ will show the world that Newark is a kind and caring city that takes pride in all it’s citizens, both human AND animal.

Show your support for Mayor Booker’s plan here. and please let us know your thoughts. If you agree with what I’ve said, please let Mayor Booker know too.

— Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator