An Open Letter To Newark Mayor Cory Booker From The Dog Files

By now, I’m sure you are well aware of Patrick The Miracle Dog of Newark, NJ and how he was starved for months and thrown down a garbage chute, only to be rescued by the Apartment Superintendent.

It’s made news worldwide and now Newark Mayor Cory Booker is talking about it and his plan for a new Newark, NJ Animal Shelter. Please watch the video, then read my comments below.

I’ve been very impressed with what Cory Booker has done for Newark for quite some time now. You see, the Dog Files Offices are only ten minutes away from Newark, NJ and I’ve seen, first hand, the change that has come to Brick City.

But while a state-of-art animal shelter in Newark, NJ would be a great idea, it’s really just dealing with the effect of animal neglect and cruelty, not the causes.

Here are a few of the steps that the Dog Files would like to see happen for Newark, NJ.

1. Start a school program that addresses Animal Care and Empathy for grades K through 9. Get children early on to appreciate animals and pets. As the Dog Files always says, to learn to love, care and respect these incredible creatures and the gifts they give us everyday. Secondly, mix in a bite prevention program that would lower dog bites and in turn, keep more people out of emergency rooms and engender more love for dogs.

2. Start a Low/No Cost Spay & Neuter Revolution in Newark, NJ. That’s right, I send revolution. You see, having this hidden at a local vet office would really do nothing to help the cause of unwanted pets and strays roaming the city. What Newark needs is a Spay/Neuter mobile vehicle that would travel straight to the people. And a public service campaign of spay & neuter awareness to educate the folks about why their pets should be fixed.

3. Newark’s animal cruelty laws need to be updated and strengthened.

Kisha Curtis, 28, the person authorities say starved the dog for months, wrapped it in a plastic bag and dumped him in the garbage chute from about 20 floors up, was originally charged with two counts of abandonment and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to the animal. Only after world-wide outrage did prosecutor’s upgrade the charges to torture and torment of a living creature, a fourth-degree criminal offense.

Newark and New Jersey Animal Cruelty laws need more teeth. The world shouldn’t have to show outrage for animal cruelty charges to be stiffened.

Abusing animals is really a sign of things to come for an abuser. Many animal abusers are already breaking other laws and commiting other criminal offenses. And need I say that it is but a small leap from torturing a pet to abusing a child.

4. And finally, the words, “state-of-the-art” and “animal shelter” can ONLY be connected if the words “No Kill” are between them.

Not just the wave of the future, No Kill shelters are a reality today. They show empathy and kindness to our animal friends and lead by example.

Mayor Booker, the Dog Files would love to be involved with developing an Animal Care and Empathy program for the great city of Newark, NJ.

The revitalization of a city can never be complete without the needs of it’s animals also being met.

Our only wish is that Newark, NJ will show the world that Newark is a kind and caring city that takes pride in all it’s citizens, both human AND animal.

Show your support for Mayor Booker’s plan here. and please let us know your thoughts. If you agree with what I’ve said, please let Mayor Booker know too.

— Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator


  1. Starlafleer says

    Please don’t just talk about it ,please do something to change the laws of abuse .Also I would like to see some kind of class or adoption mandatory that comes with a certificate stating you have been given the seal of approval to have a dog in your possession and be registared if you own an animal,and if you have a dog without these papers you get a heavy fine.Treat the situation as you would as if someone where having a baby so you can keep proper track of who owns every animal and that each city can keep track of the dogs and cats and make sure they are always getting proper care or the animal will be removed from the home and placed in foster care or a nice shelter.This has to stop,animals can’t speak for them selves
    ,thank -you.

    • Mbattista says

      Well said and to the point. I am the human owner of a dog I rescused on 7/13/2007. Before I could adopt this dog and take him home at the age of 12 weeks. I had to fill out an extensive application, answer many questions and provide references and home visits. I was granted adoption of this dog, and told that if at any time I could not longer care for him to return him to the adoption/rescuse agency from where he came. My dog has lived with me for the past 4 years and there has not been a day that I have ever regretted taking him home to live with me.

      My dog came to me neutered and with a micro-chip and I paid $150 to defray his costs and care. He came with updated shots and vet care information as well.

      Stricter laws need to be put on the books to deter people from either giving away or obtaining dogs without a through check. If you will do something to an innocent animal what would you do to a human being. These dispicable individuals need to pay for their crimes with $$$ and imprisonment and community service in animal shelters as well.

      • Grammiethree2002 says

        Our shelter (no kill) requires an application….answering many questions….we call the references given and make sure the dog is going into a good home. We call….visit some of the animals (not all, which is in the works). We do all the 1st shots….neuter/spay….1st well visit at the new owners vet of choice. We are hoping to start doing the micro-chiping. We actually have people upset with having to answer all the questions….having to “pay” for their dog/cat. We are a small shelter, we provide alot for new owners. The money they pay, helps with the cost of us caring for these animals and future ones coming in.
        Our volunteer dog trainer (me actually), offers a discount for dog classes, so new owners can learn how to train, bond with their new furbabies.
        I agree….stricter laws need to be on the books….to deter bad people from owning animals….to deter them from harming the animals in their care.
        I think another thing about these people that are abusing their animals…..unless they are hiding these animals….where is the responsiblity of the people in these owners lives? My family, my friends, my neighbors, my co-workers…..any of these people would know if I were abusing my animals. People need to stick up for these animals…..they have no voice….WE are their voice!


      How true..but let me tell you there is no such thing as a good shelter. I worked at the Humane Society in Houston, Texas for 2 weekends till I saw first hand what goes on there. Animals were being executed at an alarming rate. I walked into the back room for something and I saw a Brute plastic garbage can full of dead dogs and another full of dead cats, I thought I was going to pass out….NEVER, NEVER TAKE YOUR DOG TO A SHELTER!!!!

      • Janette Hamilton says

        The statement that there is no such thing as a good dog shelter is untrue. There are many, but they are usually privately run, by that I mean they are small rescue shelters that only house a few animals, have a NO KILL policy, and predominantly house their rescues in foster homes. Municipal shelters are usually the ones that euthanise in large numbers, and even that is changing in many places. You can not paint all animal shelters with the same brush, that is kind of like saying all pit bulls are vicious or all Chinese people are bad drivers. It simply is not accurate or true. Obviously the shelter at which you volunteered was a high kill facility, not every shelter is. There are many good people out there trying to make a difference, don’t blanket trash shelters because of your experiences with just one.

  2. Starlafleer says

    I love you patrick and every other animal on earth too.I hope patrick is doing well.God bless the people that gave love and life back to patrick.Also good job to the mayor for making this a priority and asking the public for there support and help to create this new shelter and for being a voice for animals,it makes me happy.

  3. Knugee Kat/BouncingBaxter says

    British Columbia has just implemented a new law regarding animal abuse/cruelty after the slaughter of the huskies…Up to a $75,000 fine and 2 yrs in prison. I like the $$$ fine, however, I think the prison time should be a full five years with no parole and then community service work, for a minimum of one year and no less than 100 hours per month, learning and working with animals under one to one supervision so at no time is the individual left alone with an animal. Let them see the service and the joy they can truly bring.

  4. Rhs says

    Well said and as an attorney with a business in Newark and a long time patron I think it would be a welcome change.

  5. Leezoo says

    So, in other words, don’t go after the person responsible for Patrick. I’ll make a new facility and every thing will be all better! If you believe him on this matter your all in for a big let down!

    • Janette Hamilton says

      Kisha Curtis has already been charged with offenses far more serious than those usually laid in an animal cruelty case, and with the pressure the public is keeping on this case it may very well be precedence setting. As for the Mayor…Honestly do you think the man is stupid enough to commit such political suicide?He has to follow through on what ever he has said about a new shelter facility, or his political career is OVER. Don’t you get it buddy the WHOLE WORLD is watching this story unfold. Not taking some serious steps to correct the state of animal welfare in Newark would be a seriously large mistake from a career perspective. The Mayor of Newark just has to do the right thing, he doesn’t need to be bleeding heart about it. We don’t care what his personal leanings are as long as the public actions he takes are appropriate and bring about necessary change!

      That having been said, building a new shelter facility is NOT enough, I agree with everything Kenn suggested, but would add one thing he left out. The creation of a rehabilitative training program for abused or neglected dogs, in order that they are ready to enter and comfortably live in the average home as balanced pets without issues. This is crucial to a successful adoption process. I currently run such a program with my own rescues and would be more than willing to discuss it with the Mayor.

      Janette Hamilton
      Let’s Adopt Canada

  6. Diane Mercia says

    I commend you all for taking a stand against animal abuse!!! I live in a small town near Calgary Alberta ,Canada and i can tell you the laws in this Province have not changed since 1800.We are trying to get a roadside zoo/sanctuary near my home closed down after a 20 year long record of animal abuse.Our politicians seem to think that keeping animals living in deplorable conditions is acceptable.I belong to a group Shut down the GuZoo,a roadside prison and we have all been e mailing,writing our politicians,and a hugs media blitz to make people to this horrible situation.We have also made this neglect known around the world and have gained much support.The latest news we have is that this person’s licence will be renewed for 60 days,instead of a year while there is yet another investigation.It has been a long hard road for animal lovers here,but we continue in the hope that soon this person will be forced to close down and all the exotic animals he breeds,sells and keeps in these horrific conditions.Again a aplaud you all for working so hard to make a difference in the lives of our animal companions.BRAVO to all of you.

  7. On behalf of Lucy says

    Last year I took part in a rescue and foster of a badly undernourished dog. When we brought her home I could pretty well put my hands around her stomach area. You could count all of her ribs and she was mangy. I think many other animals would have just given up. It was amazing watching her recover. She slept most of the first week and when not sleeping she observed. During the second week she started coming to me for a rub occasionally and over the rest of the time we had her before she went to her “forever home” we continually saw improvements to the point that she was running and playing in the backyard with our other dog. She started smiling at about week four and never stopped. She left us after 4 months and nobody could believe that she was the same dog.

    To the gentleman who rescued Patrick I’d like to say thank you. My questions to the rest of the people in the apartment building is Were they all blind? Why didn’t somebody do something about this before Patrick got to this state? Would they have ignored a starving, abused child?

    To the Dog Files, I hope the mayor takes advantage of your offer and allows you to help set up the new system.

  8. Rochelle says

    I’ve had and loved dogs, cats and horses all of my life. I consistently talk with neighborhood children and school age kids at the beach and parks about how to treat their own dog and how to greet a stranger’s dog.
    I think education should extend to pet owners. Often owners think their dog is so cute and friendly that they allow it to run up to any dog walking in the park or street. Most of my dogs are well over 100 lbs and I can’t believe how many pet owner promote this endangerment to their dog, my dog and me.
    I’m also disappointed to see people come into a dog park and keep their dog leashed raising a fear factor immediately. In our area there are divided sections for large, medium and small dogs. Here again, people will bring their 5-10 pound dog in with the big guys, saying oh he’ll be fine he plays with a large neighbor dog all the time, and blame the owner or the large dog if their small pet is injured in any way. My point is let’s educate children and adults on how to appreciate, respect and tend to pets.

  9. Casey says

    VERY well said! When I wrote on Mayor Booker’s wall, I said very similar things. That without tougher laws for abusers, the abuse will just continue. Thank You, Dogfiles, for your efforts on behalf of dogs everywhere. God Bless you and I sooo hope and pray that Mayor Booker will take you up on your offer!

  10. says

    I totally agree with what Mr Bell has to say! Animals are a part of our society and we MUST learn to live with them and to love and care for them. Animals have the same feelings and emotions that people do. We wouldn’t treat people the way we treat animals, so why is it not considered a major crime to torture, torment, starve, beat and otherwise commit acts of cruelty and abuse and neglect to an animal?

  11. Anonymous says

    please throw these animal- any animal abusers into jail for psych testing cuz they r inhuman or possible psycopaths. r a danger to their own children . etc. etc. they should be forced to watch cute animal videos daily!!!

  12. Anonymous says

    please throw these animal- any animal abusers into jail for psych testing cuz they r inhuman or possible psycopaths. r a danger to their own children . etc. etc. they should be forced to watch cute animal videos daily!!!

  13. says

    I applaud Kenn Bell and the Dog Files for this passionate and well considered plan of action. Those of us in the New Jersey Tri-State area might reach out to Corey and encourage him to take a look at Kenn’s offer.

  14. Cjustpeachie says

    How can anyone with a heart treat an animal as this “woman” treated poor Patrick? Kenn….you have excellent ideas and I’m sure the Mayor would be only too happy to hear you out! God bless the animals of this world.

  15. Bjfpja says

    I’m so glad they caught the person that did this horrible thing to Patrick!!!! I hope she spends time in jail and whatever else they can charge her with!!!!! She should ROTT in hell!!!!! I have no pity for people like her!!!! Starve her and send her down the 22 story shoot!!!!!!! I have been keeping up with Patricks recovery and this dog had the will to fight to stay alive!!! He’s very special and I know there is a home (good) out there just waiting to give him the love he deserves!!!! I have been praying for Patrick and all the other Patricks out there!!!! Please God take care of this dog and all the other dogs like him!!!!!!

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