Before & After: Starved German Shepherd, "Courage," Is Reborn

By Samantha Gowen

Take a journey, in pictures, with Courage, a dog brought back from the brink of death after his owner allegedly withheld food for up to eight weeks.

The dog was rushed to a Garden Grove vet clinic in April. The 3-year-old German shepherd weighed half his normal body weight — 37 pounds — and had eaten dirt to survive.

That dirt was slowly killing him.

Eight months ago a dying, emaciated dog was rushed to a vet clinic in Garden Grove.

The German shepherd, known as Courage, has recovered from starvation and now weighs 90 pounds.

His owner, a full-time veterinary hospital employee, was arrested in April and charged with felony animal cruelty.

Kimberly Nizato’s court case continues at Norwalk Superior Courthouse.


  1. Amy L Baumann says

    What a damn nut job this lady is!!!  Yeah for the doggie!!!  These are the positives I love to hear!

  2. guest says

    the fact that this woman worked in a vet clinic and could do this to a dog is sickening. there is no excuse for this i hope she lost her job as well as was fully charged for this monstrous act

    • says

      I agree with you wholeheartedly……she also should not be allowed to be employed anywhere where there are animals to care for and she should never ever be allowed to ever own a pet of any description.  This woman is totally evil and deserves to burn in Hell.

  3. AngieW says

    I have to say, What the “f” is wrong with people? How could anyone do something so horrible to another living thing? I hope the owner of this poor dog not only looses her job, but is convicted of the maximum time, and MAYBE….she should be starved for eight weeks and see how she enjoys it! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON!!!!! Unfortunately she isnt the only person out there, but people that abuse their children, spouse, or dog should rot!

  4. Rachelshannon40 says

    So what brought his weight up cause my gsd is 17 months old and weigh in at 65 lb what can I do to put more weight on him he eas mornin and night blue balo since 8 weeks oli

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