Matt Olivarez and his Rottweiler, Mia, walk at their Redford Township home.

By Francis X. Donnelly for The Detroit News

Detroit — A Rottweiler that was supposed to die on the cold slab of a veterinarian office will live the rest of her life in the country.

As Mia frolics with other Rottweilers on an 8-acre farm outside Hillsdale, she will be free of some of the pain that had hobbled her.

Both the new home and medical treatment followed a deluge of support from around the world as people reacted to news accounts last month of The Dog Who Came Back to Life.

After Mia was seemingly euthanized, owner Matt Olivarez took her lifeless body home to bury but was startled the next day to discover the dog on all fours staring at him.

Responding to the story, people and animal groups from as far away as England gave donations, advice, prayers and offers such as adopting Mia and giving her medical treatment.

“Everything is going in our direction,” said Olivarez, 27. “It’s amazing to see how many people care.”
Among the 100 people reacting to the story was Karen Cole, 48, a paralegal from Dripping Springs, Texas, near Austin.

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