Firu The Dog Dragged Behind Car Goes To Forever Home In Stretch Limo


VALDESE, NC (WBTV) – After spending 48 days recovering from massive injuries, Firu the dog is starting a new life in a new home.

Animal rescuer Samantha Hodges arranged for a limousine to pick up the dog from the Animal Hospital of East Burke in Valdese Wednesday afternoon. Firu was at first reluctant to hop into the limo, but eventually warmed up the idea of riding like a star.

The dog was turned over to animal control after being dragged behind a pickup truck while tied to a rope. The dragging tore parts of flesh away from Firu’s body and required several surgeries to heal.

Hodges says while she adopts out most of her rescues, she’s keeping Firu. The two have grown inseparable since Firu’s time in the hospital.

The dog has been featured across the world in news reports and on talk shows.


  1. Florettaiam says

    I hope the person who did this to this beautiful girl has to hide in sewers the rest of his life, and that would be way too good for him.

    Thank you to all the wonderful people who cared for Firu and helped her. There is not enough praise for you or for Firu’s courage. I love you Firu.

  2. Florettaiam says

    Oops, Firu is a boy. Boy or girl, I love you and wish you all the doggie happiness any fella could have, and your new owner too, who obviously is a wonderful person as well.

    Thank you to all the kind hearted people who help animals every day.

  3. Florettaiam says

    1912 Barfield St

    Camden, SC 29020-3102

    Is she still living here? I think all her neighbors should know what a pile of crap they have in their area, to protect their kids and pets.

  4. Darlene says

    Samantha God Bless You and Firu…What a special person you are and I know Firu will have a wonderful life blessed with so much love. I do not know how anyone can hurt an animal like this. I hope he is caught and punished.

  5. Lar says

    Way to go Firu to bad you couldn’t attach the guy that dragged you to the back of that Limo and let him have a ride!!!

  6. Sindyb1031 says

    What goes around come around….someday, one day, someone will do something horrible to the person or persons who did this to this poor innocent dog. Paybacks are a BITCH!!! Thank goodness there are people like Samantha are out there.

  7. Janethill1942 says

    thank you for giving that special puppy a good and loving home.. you will make him forget his pain. my heart broke when i saw the picture and i wanted to come after him.. so happy he is getting well.  the poor poor little boy.  i hope the ones that did this rot in Hell.

  8. Kelly says

    I hope that the scumbag that did this dies a slow and painful death, I am sick of seeing these poor babies being hurt.  Why is it time and time again these poor babies pay for HUMAN error.  I see it day in and day out when I rescue

    Bigs hugs to you Samantha God Bless You and Firu

  9. Breebabe848 says

    someone should cut each of these peoples fingers of one by one, scrape the skin off their toes with a dull nkife to make it more painfull, rip their eyebrows off one hair @ a time, stab them several times in the ankles, neuter them, tie them to the front of a train and let em go:)

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