VALDESE, NC (WBTV) – After spending 48 days recovering from massive injuries, Firu the dog is starting a new life in a new home.

Animal rescuer Samantha Hodges arranged for a limousine to pick up the dog from the Animal Hospital of East Burke in Valdese Wednesday afternoon. Firu was at first reluctant to hop into the limo, but eventually warmed up the idea of riding like a star.

The dog was turned over to animal control after being dragged behind a pickup truck while tied to a rope. The dragging tore parts of flesh away from Firu’s body and required several surgeries to heal.

Hodges says while she adopts out most of her rescues, she’s keeping Firu. The two have grown inseparable since Firu’s time in the hospital.

The dog has been featured across the world in news reports and on talk shows.