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A U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection Officer working with his trusty drug-sniffing dog Rambo uncovered over 23 pounds of opium at the Chicago O’Hare Foreign Mail Facility.

All 23 pounds of opium were concealed in various ways according to a release from the Chicago CBP office. Rambo was able to alert officers to six separate shipments of opium while screening international mail. The release stated that the opium was cleverly disguised in soaked wooden twigs and in mushrooms.

“The olfactory acuity of a CBP K-9, in other words its sense of smell, is 100 times greater than that of human beings,” David Murphy of CBP said in the release. “With that said, these live low-tech capabilities we receive benefit of from our canine teams have stood the test of time and proven itself time and time again as one of the best weapons we have against drug smuggling…”

Looks like Rambo is a hit at O’Hare! Good boy!