michael-vickReprinted with permission from Catherine Hedges

If you are following the Anti-Michael Vick list on NBC, you may be happy to note that despite soon to be former NFL Chairman Roger Goodell’s decision to reinstate Michael Vick into the NFL all but 6 NFL teams have mostly decided not to pick up Michael Vick (so far). Before we go throwing kudos around to the teams that stood up and said no to Vick, it should be noted that due to Roger Goodell’s poor decision, they are all pretty much free to change their minds and pick up Vick should their current quarterback plans run into trouble.

By our count, the 6 teams that have showed nothing remotely close to bravery or leadership on this issue are and might therefore be considering picking up Michael Vick are:

Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers
Carolina Panthers
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
Cleveland Browns

Please visit website here: http://www.sackvick.net/2009/08/02/only-6-nfl-teams-have-not-joined-the-anti-michael-vick-boycott/ for info on how to contact these undecided teams and let them know you will not support them if they sign Vick!