5 Tips When Caring for a Pitbull

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Pitbulls are famous for their energy and strength and are well-regarded by true-blue Pitbull-lovers for their unique character and disposition as well as an athletic and chiseled body.

Meet Potato The Math Whiz Dog From China

Potato math wiz1

Meet Potato, the math whiz from the Jiangsu province of China. But this Chinese math whiz is different. This one is a dog. Lu Zesheng is the owner of the two year old Samoyed which is trained to add, subtract, multiply and divide. He is all over Chinese media, with videos showing off his not […]

Dog Files Opinion: Cesar Millan Gets Grilled In Interview

Alan vs Cesar1

The Dog Files believes that positive, rewards driven training is the best way to teach your dog and to create a bond of trust between both of you. One that cements the friendship that every dog deserves with their owner/guardian.

Dexter's Adorable Dog Tricks: Cute Video

Dexter and Paige1

Dexter’s guardian, Lauren Girard Curtis is a good friend to the Dog Files, and I just saw this great video she did with Dexter and thought I’d show you guys. Lauren is also the guardian of Paige The BC and both pups act on TV and in the movies. Here a little about Dexter from […]

Man's Best Friend Can Be Trained To Sniff Out Lung Cancer

The uncanny canine ability to detect smells that escape the human nose could be used for the early detection of lung cancer, according to new study. It is the first study to show that “sniffer” dogs can be relied upon to find the unique smell of the disease in seven out of 10 sufferers. This […]

TSA Is Building Ranks Of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

The TSA is recruiting James Bond into the ranks. And he is a black Lab puppy named Dolan. As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches and demand grows for more explosive-detection dogs, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is studying ways to develop the perfect pooch for the job. There are more than 800 TSA-certified explosives-detection […]

Lost Dog Made Incredible 1,200 Mile Journey

Buster 1200 Miles

When Buster disappeared from his home in Colorado, his owner spent hours agonizing over his fate. But despite thinking about all the different possibilities, including that her beloved Labrador Retriever had been stolen or eaten by a lion, Samantha Squires could never have imagined what really happened to him. Yet miraculously, six months after Buster […]

Is A Border Collie The Right Breed For You?

Border Collie

Are you thinking of adopting a Border Collie? Then this video is for you. Katie from 3LostDogs.com made this informative video to help people in your position make a decision as to whether you should get a Border Collie or not. And if you’re not thinking of getting a Border Collie? Well, watch the video […]