My Dog Celebrated His Thirteenth Birthday And I’m Sad

Remy 13th Birthday 07 01 2017 9 of 18 Cropped

Kenn & Remy – Princeton, NJ 2013 When I adopted Remy in the summer of 2006 it was for all the wrong reasons. The first of which was that I was having so much trouble with Max’s separation anxiety I decided to bring in another dog as a last ditch effort to get Max to […]

“Max” the Movie tells the tale of a brave Military War Dog with PTSD

MAX Movie Square

Everyone that comes to the Dog Files knows that we wholeheartedly support the troops, so I wanted to make sure that I brought a certain movie to your attention. “Max” is a family action adventure movie, brought to us by Warner Bros. Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and from writer/director Boaz Yakin (“Remember the Titans,”). It’s also […]

Senior Dog Pops Was Praying For A Miracle!

Pops After

— By Patty Stanton “Pops was definitely on my radar with those soulful hopeful eyes,” writes Sherri Franklin, Founder and Executive Director of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco. “I couldn’t believe that no one in Southern California was taking him!! For three days, I couldn’t get his darling face out of my mind. […]

Dog Travels To Hospital To Find Owner

Dog Finds Owner At Hospital

A woman’s family is bewildered about how their dog was able to travel almost two miles to the Cedar Rapids hospital where their mother was being treated.

Dog Rescued From Dump Climbs Everest For A Cause


Even through the tears of tragedy, puppy breath can help heal a broken heart. Joanne Lefson, from South Africa, was visiting a donkey sanctuary she had started years ago at a Himalayan village in northern India. She was trying to recover from the tragic death of her dog, Oscar, that happened a few months earlier. […]

Abandoned Baby Girl Rescued by Dog Hero

dog finds newborn baby

Not only is a dog man’s best friend; this one is also a hero to a newborn baby girl. Roger Wilday was walking his german Shepherd, Jade, off leash through a park in Birmingham, England. It was cold, and the park was empty. Jade suddenly headed for the bushes and wouldn’t respond to her owner’s […]

Marine’s Rescued Dogs Denied Flights, Wrigley Heiress Charters Private Jet

Anatolian Vet Dogs2

SSgt. Andrew Morales rescued two puppies while deployed in Afghanistan in 2011 after their ears and tails had been docked to prepare the Anatolian Shepherds for a future in dog fighting. The dogs became his best friends during the tough deployment. Flown around the world, now stranded The fight Morales went through to be able […]