Author: Kenn Bell

Car + Summer + Dog = Bad Owner

Just a friendly reminder that you might want to leave your pup at home when you go out shopping this summer. Dogs are much more susceptible to heatstroke than humans and the biggest cause of heatstroke in dogs is leaving them in...

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Dog Show Hits Primetime!

On Thursday, July 10th at 8PM Eastern a new reality show, Greatest American Dog, premieres on CBS. Let us pause for a moment of reflection…….HOLY S#*T!!! A dog show on primetime?! Yes, there are quite a few dog shows...

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Are YOU that crazy "dog person?"

Seems people that prefer canine companionship to human companionship might not be “crazy” after all. Below is an excerpt: The field of psychotherapy has traditionally viewed those whose closest relationships are with...

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9/11 Canine Hero To Be Cloned…

A dog that sniffed out survivors from under the rubble of New York’s World Trade Center after the 2001 terror strikes is to be cloned, the California-based firm conducting the procedure said. Trakr, a German shepherd who...

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