And so it begins…

I say that because what I’m about to do is a giant undertaking. And believe me, I am not blowing it out of proportion.

The last one I did stretched out over four years. While I wasn’t working on it the whole time, I was for about half of that. You may have seen what I’m talking about. It’s called Second Chance Dogs. It’s a documentary and you can watch right now in the USA on Netflix.

I learned a great deal while making Second Chance Dogs. You really do learn more by doing and my mantra, “ask forgiveness, not permission” came into play constantly during the making of it. Seems humans love to say no. Just pick up a camera and start filming. Someone will always be sure to tell you no.

The solution, I learned, is to ignore them as long as possible, get what you can and move on.

Over the years, while filming or doing most anything else in business, I learned to first go do it, instead of setting myself up for the “always on its way” no that comes when asking permission.

You see, humans alway err on the side of the least amount of conflict. It’s ingrained into us from the days of the Stone Age when staying put in your cave led to you living another day. In other words, when the “gap of expectation” opens up in front of you, you generally take the easiest, safest route. Well, most people do anyway.

So when I ask if I can film someone on the street in front of a particular building, the safest route for them is always doing whatever they think will not get in trouble with their boss. Even when, most of time, they wouldn’t.

That’s why I usually don’t ask.

The reason I’m telling you this today, is because I’m trying to convey how much work, what I’m about to announce, takes. That this thing will consume my life for a period of years. And that the only way I will complete it, is by pushing forward as all of life pushes back, like hurricane winds you have to lean into in order to successfully move forward.

Why am I writing a blog post about it? Well, I plan to make the journey even tougher by journaling about the entire process as I encounter it. Hopefully, you’ll find it entertaining, or at least interesting as I slay every dragon that’s going to stand in my way to try and stop me. By writing about it, I’m hoping it will keep me accountable. That it will help me cross the finish line.

Maybe you’ll enjoy my tribulations, maybe not, but hopefully you’ll learn a few things and maybe, just maybe, if I need a helping hand, you’ll reach out and pick me back up.

Well, I think I’ve made you wait long enough for some information about what the hell I’m doing.

Today I’m announcing the beginning of pre-production on my next documentary.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “That’s it? Did you really have to build all this suspense over the start of something you’ve done before?”

Yes. The answer is yes. Because I’m making two documentaries at that same exact time.

And so it begins…

Tune in every week for the further adventures of Kenn Bell, surviving and hopefully thriving, in the documentary foxhole of life.