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Police Dog Offers Solemn Farewell To Fallen Partner


K-9 police officer, Jason Ellis, 33, was laid to rest Thursday, on the seventh anniversary of taking the oath as a Bardstown, Kentucky officer. The service drew hundreds of law enforcement officers from surrounding states including over 60 K-9 teams with their police dogs.

No image better captured the reverence of the sacred sacrifice than Ellis’ police-dog partner, Figo, as he bowed his head and tenderly placed his paw on the casket. Apparently not even death weakens the bond between a man and his dog, particularly when partnered to serve a tight-knit community.

Ellis and Figo had been working as a team for several years, fighting against the local drug problem, though Figo was not with his partner when he was shot and killed on an interstate highway ramp on the night of May 25th. Investigators believe it was an ambush, and the crime remains unsolved.

Over 1,000 attendees paid their respects to the hero officer at the service. The 20-mile trek from the church to the cemetery was lined with hundreds of flags. Supporters stood waving as the procession including 800 emergency vehicles made their way to the cemetery.

When the honor guard was called, hundreds of officers snapped to attention as one. Approximately 60 police dogs at the ceremony barked with the sound of the guards’ 21-gun salute.


Officer Jason Ellis is survived by his wife, Amy, and two young sons, Hunter, 7, and Parker, 6. As the boys grew up having Figo around, Police Chief Rick McCubbin retired the police dog from service so he could live with Ellis’ family, which gives the boys a connection to their father.

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Kt Bunge
Kt Bunge
9 years ago



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