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Pit Bull London Learns To Walk With Only His Hind Legs After Amputation

Pit bull puppy London had his front legs amputated after plummeting three floors from a building.

His front legs were shattered when he fell from a third story window and his paws and stomach were burned from being left on the hot pavement. He was left untreated by his owners for a month, meaning the surgery that could have aligned his bones was now too difficult and there would be a higher risk of complications.

When London arrived at Humane Society of Del Norte California, they cared for him for a month before deciding he needed special care. So the Humane Society called Amanda Giese, founder and president of Panda Paws, which assists medically needy, abused or dogs previously deemed ‘unadoptable’.

After being taken to Panda Paws, veterinarians agreed that London should have his front legs amputated and be fitted with an all-terrain front wheelchair.

But before he can be fitted with the wheelchair his stitches must heal. In the meantime however, he has taught himself to survive on just two legs. This does causes considerable strain to his back so he will still need the wheelchair to reduce the pain.

Amanda from Vancouver, Washington has said when she gave London treats and took him out onto the grass for the first time he instantly lit up. “He plays, he’s happy, he enjoys rolling in the grass just as any able-body canine would on these hot summer days.”

Dr Brandon Sherman, of Animal Care Clinic in Vancouver, donated half the costs of surgery but said London could have kept his legs if his injuries had been taken care of right away.
“This was a good option for London – he’s got a good chance of having a good quality of life.”

The costs for this procedure are still expensive, and Amanda is hoping people will assist Panda Paws in covering the $3,000 for London’s medicare care. After the recovery period and wheelchair fitting, London should then be able to go up for adoption to a very loving home once his recovery period is over.

Story by Lauren McGregor Downs

The video below is London two day after surgery.

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Dog lover
Dog lover
9 years ago

How on earth could his care givers let such a horrific thing happen to there dog,my heart breaks for London,and I am so happy he got the care he needed,bless your hearts,He seems to have great determination to walk and live,and I hope he gets placed in loving home,hugs and kisses to you London,get well soon buddy xxxxxxxx

Angela Marie Allen Fisher

He is si adorable! So loving and sweet 🙂 thank you to everyone who helped him! His old owners should never be allowed to have another animal, how can they live with themselves not rushing him to the vet!!!!

Tracie Green
9 years ago

this poor baby, he looks so happy, bless him, how can his owners just leave him to suffer, they need criminal charges brought against them, and should never be allowed to have any animal again…. good luck london, hope you get a caring and loving home…

Becky Kirchner
9 years ago

Some people just SUCK. It’s horrific enough that he fell but laid there long enough to burn himself. Hello -I hope his former ‘owners’ are prosecuted for this. Enough is enough. He looks like a sweetheart and is blessed to have the women in the video in his life.

Deborah Ledbetter
9 years ago

What a Pup! I LOVE DOGS! & their will to always do whatever it takes to please people! The only animal that I’ve ever heard of that will always return to where it has been “living” no matter how they’ve been treated! They want only to please & love! The comments that have been made are ones that I agree with 110%! I have a rescue cat that has 3 legs; I know no history about her except that she was found in a snowstorm & has a frost-bitten ear & 1/2 tail. Several other problems but she almost acts like a dog with the same will I LOVE DOGS!!! but I could not allow this kitty be murdered all for the crime of having 3 legs! I do not know where this pup lives but am sure he will NOT be returned to the bastards that allowed this suffering to happen. I agree! I pray that they are found, fined HEAVILY & NEVER allowed to have an animal of any kind; not a rat, or anything else! I LOVE YOU LONDON! a very brave pup! & the people that did all of the wonderful work & kindness!

Jody Boller White
9 years ago

I truly hope the previous owners are not in the running for the adoption. They should be shot! I as the prior entry hope they are prosecuted for animal abuse and imprisioned as this poor animal will be in a way due to their lack of compassion. It brings a tear to the eye to watch how innocent London seems and so loving…pit bulls get a bad rap……when all they need is love….and the same devotion they will provide to their owners…I am so thankful that their are people out there…who can assist with animals….it is a job I envy.

Kelly Russell
Kelly Russell
9 years ago

im not going to lie…the video made me cry cause now he has a chance to have a life. i was raised to respect animals and they will respect you. i treat all my animals as if i gave birth to them. i think the people who owned him should be put in prison and have to watch videos of this wonderful gift of god everyday for 16 hours a day.

9 years ago

just to update, he did not fall from the window – he was subjected to months of systematic abuse. his former owner has been charged.

9 years ago

i hope his owners get a life penalty for what thay done to this sweet dog xxxxxxxxxxxxxx god luck london


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