Saving Your Pet With CPR: InfoGraphic

Great info that you can print out and post in your house that may help you save your dog one day!

Saving Your Pet With CPR

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Teri, Brighton, Coco and Disco

Thanks for posting this! I did print it out, too!

PEC Canine Centre
PEC Canine Centre
12 years ago

excellent to  keep on a wall in a boarding kennel and dog daycare

12 years ago

thank you i pray i never need ! i share too!

12 years ago

I saved my Boston Terrier by doing the Heimlich maneuver ! It was about twelve or more years ago….she had been given a piece of meat by my mom which was too big and she tried to swallow it….when i found her , her tongue was already turning blue, but once the piece of meat popped out it took very little time for her to recover! It was too far down her throat for me to reach it any other way. 

My Pet's Care
11 years ago

I can’t thank you enough for this post!!  I am a professional pet sitter and am always encouraging my clients to be prepared for emergencies. This is the perfect tool for them.   

Kent Leung
Kent Leung
11 years ago

I want to sincerely thank you for placing this dog cpr infographic online and available to the public. I own a dog daycare and having an easy to access infographic is a great way to demonstrate the technique. In fact, after recommending your the aforementioned infographic one of my client’s was able to save his dog in a recent emergency.

Thank you


Kent Leung

Managing Director,
Boston Dog Company


Kenn Bell
11 years ago
Reply to  Kent Leung

That’s awesome! Glad it has helped, Kent!


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