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Denver Boy Feeds Homeless Dogs One Cup At A Time


DENVER, COLORADO – Simple solutions to life’s problems are often the best. They are especially impressive if they come from a 10-year-old. Hero Noah Grahl is making a lot of grown-ups and their pets very happy. He does it with one scoop of dog food at a time.

“I give dog food to the homeless kids who don’t have the money to buy the dog food for themselves,” said 10-year-old Noah Grahl.

Once a week, Noah scoops dog food into gallon-sized plastic bags to hand out to people on the streets with dogs. His family helps with transportation, and friends and fellow boy scouts help him raise the money to buy the dog food.

“At first, the story that I hear is he was using his allowance to go buy the dog food, and then he asked his mom for extra chores around the house to make more money to buy more dog food,” said Matt Wallace, executive director of Dry Bones.

Noah first realized homeless pets and people helped one another survive the streets when he volunteered for a Denver faith-based nonprofit called Dry Bones.

“We serve homeless youth and young adults who live on the streets of our city,” said Wallace.

Dry Bones is a reference to Ezekiel 37 in the Bible. The passage talks of the valley of dry bones where lives are forever changed.

At age 10, Noah picked up on that idea of helping others help themselves. Without Noah, many on the streets would not have companions, and many of the dogs may not have been rescued by the homeless.

“I would to have had to probably get rid of her. And that would have broken my heart,” said Felicia about her dog, Angel.

“He (Noah) is in school, and has homework, and he is doing this on top of that. I don’t know how he does it,” said Christina, former Dry Bones client.

“He saw this need. There are dogs taking the food off the plates of their masters and he says, ‘I can feed them dog food that’s better for them and healthier for their stomachs,'” said Wallace.

“I enjoy that the dogs are eating good, because I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up,” said Noah.

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Margaret macy
Margaret macy
10 years ago

Bless you Noah   !

Arthur Frymyer Jr.
10 years ago

When you did it unto the least of these my children, you did it unto me.  God bless you, Noah.  BTW if any of you pet food corporate sponsors want a great spokesman, that’s your man.

10 years ago

You’re a great kid Noah – very cool thing that you’re doing.  You’re a hero – and you’ve got a heart of gold.  I wish there were more people like you.
God Bless you….

10 years ago

What an incredibly selfless young man. Many could learn much from him. Well done Noah.

Beryl Sanders
10 years ago

What a great little man…..Boy!!!  We sure need a lot more kids and adults to think in this manner.  if more people had a heart of gold like Noah does, there would be no such thing as animal or child abuse.  I think it would be great to contact the Big Boys like Pedigree, Iams, Eukanuba, Purina etc. to start something  like “Feed the Dogs” program for families that can ill afford to feed the animals that are their family and for those who have animals that live with them on the street.  It would be nice if this were to become a world wide achievement wouldn’t it now???

Amanda Jane Finnell
10 years ago

Kudos to you Noah!! It does the soul good to hear about someone like him, a young go getter who is making the world a better place for dogs and people.  He will make a fantastic vet and be a good man for this world.

10 years ago

Where can we donate money to help Noah get more dog food???

10 years ago

You are awesome Noah–for who you are and what you are doing—all at only age 10!  I applaud you and encourage you to keep on doing great things like this!  I know those animals and their owners are filled with gratitude and hope by your actions!  Your parents and scout troop must be very proud of you and I thank them as well for helping you with this great cause!

Al Animal Advocate
Al Animal Advocate
10 years ago

There is hope for our country and our animals – thanks to children like Noah.

Dogcatlover2 Barbara crouse
Dogcatlover2 Barbara crouse
10 years ago

Noah, you are a saint!!!!!!

Shyamantak Debsikdar
Shyamantak Debsikdar
10 years ago

GoD Bless You Noah..  We need more and more people like you, you’ve got a heart of gold <3

Noelle Alcorn
9 years ago

Hi there,

I am Noah’s mother and just happened to see this article. Thank you all for such kind words. If you would like to see the news clip, it is now on YouTube:

Thank you again, I will show Noah all the comments. He is still busy feeding the dogs and helping all he can. For 2 years in a row now he has dedicated his birthday presents to the homeless for sleeping bags, food, etc. I am certainly blessed!


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