A Shameful Month for Animal Cruelty in Hollywood

The beautiful Gray Wolf of North America.
The beautiful Gray Wolf of North America.

Check out this great article about a troubling issue that is on the rise in the entertainment industry. I actually think this is a push back from some of the extreme tactics we’ve come to know from animal rights groups like PeTA. Over the top antics only work for so long, till people just discount you as an “animal wierdo” or “wolfaboo” as director of The Grey, Joe Carahan calls wolf lovers. It gives people that may abuse or overlook the welfare of an animal a cause or reason to think they are right.

I believe a new surge of calmer, but as firm as ever, animal welfare awareness is due. That’s what the Dog Files stands for.

After reading the article, please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Please be courteous and no bomb throwing. A rational discussion is our best weapon in the fight to help animals. Thanks!

— Kenn

The article below is from NYMAG.com. Please keep in mind, that the new series from HBO called LUCK, which is about a Horse Racing Track has killed two horses in their production of the first season. Add that fact to the story below.

It’s Been a Shameful Month for Animal Cruelty in Entertainment

I spend a lot of time knocking the entertainment industry in this column, but the one thing that I have long admired is how movies and TV have shown a general consciousness about environmental and animal welfare issues and recognize the potential positive or negative impact of how those topics are portrayed onscreen. Since most of the movies I saw as a child were about animals, such as The Jungle Book, Bambi, and Sounder, I think the deep connection I feel toward film and animals are intertwined. I remember seeing The Day of the Dolphin when I was 9 years old and walking away with a strong feeling that dolphins were intelligent creatures needing to be protected, not exploited. I believe that the concern many people have for animal issues was initiated by stories they saw portrayed onscreen: Gorillas in the Mist increased awareness about the plight of African mountain gorillas, which is one reason why those animals still exist. So over the past couple of weeks it has been particularly upsetting to me to see a couple of gruesomely thoughtless and insensitive onscreen depictions of animals: Careerbuilder.com’s chimpanzee-filled Super Bowl ad, and the Liam Neeson–versus-killer-wolves action film The Grey. In both of these cases, the people behind these productions have taken the kind of profit over consequences approach to their product I would expect more from a big oil company than the creative community, and, sadly, the result will be increased cruelty and death for endangered animals.

Read the rest of the article here.

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12 years ago

it is horrible in this day and age with all the awareness of animal abuse that people still do stupid things to exploit them. i would never even watch a movie like the grey, and have signed many petitions against exploiting animals in commercials.God did not put animals on this earth for man to use and abuse!

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12 years ago

This is my first time comment at your blog.Good recommended website.

12 years ago

Excellent article! I learned a lot, of course all of it was shockingly sad.


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