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Martin Scorsese Dog Set For Golden Collar Award Nod

Hugo star Blackie the Doberman is expected to secure a nomination at this year’s Golden Collar Awards after a campaign by Martin Scorsese.

In a letter to the LA Times, the director complained that Blackie had not been recognised in the ‘best dog in a theatrical film’ category.

He urged readers to contact the awards’ organisers to support the canine.

Dog Daily News agreed it would add Blackie to the category if it received 500 write-in nominations.

The canine starred in the Oscar-nominated film as an attack dog owned by a train station officer, played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

“How could she not be nominated?” Scorsese wrote in his letter, noting the two nominations Uggie the Jack Russell scored for The Artist and Water for Elephants.

“Jack Russell terriers are small and cute. Dobermans are enormous and – handsome,” the director said.

“More tellingly, Uggie plays a nice little mascot who does tricks and saves his master’s life in one of the films, while Blackie gives an uncompromising performance as a ferocious guard dog who terrorises children.

“I’m proud of Blackie, who laid it on the line and dared to risk the sympathy of her audience.”

‘6th nominee’

In response, Dog News Daily said: “Rather than engage in a war of words over the merits of the brilliant and nimble Jack Russell versus the imposing stature of a handsome Doberman, we will do what Mr Scorsese so eloquently requests.”

It said if it received 500 write-in nominations for Blackie via its Facebook page by 6 February, “the Golden Collar nominating committee will request that the panel of 14 judges add Hugo’s Blackie as the 6th nominee”.

More than 400 supporters have so far submitted write-in nominations in the 24 hours since Scorsese’s letter was published so it is expected that number will be reached.

Also vying for Top Dog at the Golden Collars are Cosmo from Ewan McGregor film Beginners, Denver from comedy drama 50/50 and Hummer from Charlize Theron film Young Adult.

Click here to read Martin Scorsese’s awesome letter.

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