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UPDATE: Former Bomb-Sniffing Dog Missing In Michigan Has Been Found

ROMULUS, Mich., (WXYZ) – A few dog treats, a game of fetch and the sound of friendly voices are what finally led to the safe recovery of a former bomb-sniffing dog that recently worked to secure the U.S. Capitol and the White House.

About 12 hours on the run, Officers from Romulus Police, the Airport and Romulus Animal Control were able to coax the five-year-old specially trained German Shepherd named Arco back into a collar and leash.

Late Monday night, Arco got away from his new owner, Sheri Schumann, on airport property after slipping out of his collar.

Arco had just flown from Arizona to Metro-Detroit to meet Schumann, but shortly after Schumann attached a leash to Arco’s collar to let him relieve himself after the long flight, he slipped out of that loose collar.

It’s believed the stress of the long flight from Arizona and other unfamiliar circumstances caused Arco to run.

We’re told Arco was set to be euthanized after killing a cat while working in Washington D.C. as a bomb-detection dog, but Arco was rescued by a group in Arizona and he was being flown to Schumann on Monday.

An officer with the Airport Authority and a Romulus Police officer both sustained dog bites during earlier attempts to capture Arco.

The Romulus officer had to have stitches.

After 10 days in quarantine, Romulus Animal Control officers say Arco will be released to Schumann who resides in Toledo.

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11 years ago

Glad he’s going to his home, not the doggy boneyard!

dog food
10 years ago

Still, that dog has psychological problems that must be solved to regain its nature and I felt pity on the officer who took a bite from him. Well, we glad it’s now over.


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