Great Dane Saves Woman From Domestic Violence, Inspires Women's Shelter To Allow Dogs

Great Dane Saves Woman From Domestic Abuse

This is such an incredible story! A Great Dane saves it’s owner from an abusive husband and in return, makes a women’s domestic abuse shelter recognize the need to allow abused women to be able to bring their pets with them.

Not a day goes by that I’m not amazed at what dogs are capable of.


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12 years ago

Not even to mention that an abuser would hurt or kill the pet when angry about being left.

Denise-Anne Miller
12 years ago

Awesome dog!  Good job, Healing Place!  (Such a shame that the audio in this video is so annoyingly of poor quality!  Nevertheless, the point of the story warrant a good mention!

Beryl Sanders
Beryl Sanders
12 years ago

This is an amazing story but it isn’t uncommon for a dog to protect the one he/she loves….I am happy that the woman and her dog are doing well but I really hope that her husband was charged with atempted murder because he is a danger to himself and others and should be put in jail where he would receive the same abuse he gave his wife and dog…..I am not being vindictive, I just believe that men or women that abuse their spouse and animals should receive the same kind of treatment.

phd dissertation
12 years ago

that is a great post! indeed!!!


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