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What Steve Jobs' Words Mean To The Dog World: Dog Files Opinion

Kenn Bell & Max
Kenn Bell & Max

In case you don’t know, Steve Jobs is one of my heroes. Yes, he could be headstrong, and yes, he could be a jerk. But the man saw through the corporate red tape that holds so much of us back. He cut through it with determination and strength. He believed in what he was doing and let no one get in his way.

Steve Jobs knew there was a better way to run a business. A business that didn’t exist on the fears of consumers. Apple never ran on focus groups, but thrived through common sense and rational thought. It’s a business where passion came first, then profits.

Over the last couple of years, I have run into a great deal of red tape as I try to simply “help dogs”. And the problems are always from humans, never the dogs. To get myself through these trying issues, I always remind myself, “It’s always about the dogs.” And then, I stand back up and figure out my next line of attack to continue building on the Dog Files’ mission of showing the world that dogs deserve our love, care and respect.

Of course, I have also met some of the most amazing, loyal and kind people working in the “dog world.” Just look at my Dog Files episodes. Everyone one of the people highlighted in them has given their time, love and life over to helping dogs. They understand how hard it can be working past other people’s egos and stubbornness. They realize that red tape doesn’t really exist if you don’t agree to believe in it. They don’t let the internet naysayers get to them. And when those forces threaten to beat them into submission, they always get back up with greater purpose and double their efforts.

How do they find the strength? Something tells me, they also say to themselves, “It’s always about the dogs.”

Yes, it really can be that simple.

In this video, Steve Jobs will tell you the most important thing you’ll learn all year. And it directly applies to all of us trying to make the world a better, safer place for dogs. We can make a difference and we can change the world.

We just have to keep repeating to ourselves, “It’s always about the dogs.”

— Kenn Bell
Dog Files Creator

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9 years ago

where is the Steve Jobs video?

9 years ago

I love your editorial on Steve Jobs, Kenn.  Now, I may a bit partial to your visions & informative articles, but I also know quality work when I see it.  Thank you for sharing.  I personally hope that you will always be fueled by your dedication to serve & protect the welfare of the lives of our dogs and those that have been sadly forgotten.

You are such an eloquent writer, it would be a joy even though you are a film maker to see you write and publish a book.  My best to you always my friend.  Denise

cat care
9 years ago

I love pets even if their small or big. I ts really hard to have a dog, you have to walk them and feed them and even more but they will always be your best friend


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