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Frosty The Snowman Arrested For Assaulting Police Dog

Frosty in Line Up

MARYLAND – A man in a “Frosty the Snowman” costume was led away in handcuffs Saturday morning during the town’s annual Christmas parade, charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Police identified the man as Kevin Michael Walsh, 52, of Chestertown.

Walsh was charged with assaulting two police officers and a police dog, according to Sgt. John A. Dolgos. Walsh also was charged with disorderly conduct.

After processing at the police station, Walsh was to be taken to the district court commissioner’s office for a bond hearing, according to Dolgos.

The charges against Walsh stem from an alleged confrontation at about 10:15 a.m. at Cross and High streets the nexus of the Christmas parade, which stepped off at 10 a.m.

Walsh is accused of kicking at police dog Henzo. The dog was sitting at the intersection with handler Pfc. James Walker as part of “traffic control” for the parade. Dolgos said that Walker “kindly escorted him away from the crowd and then it got heated.”

As Walsh was taking off the head portion of the “Frosty” costume, he allegedly hit Walker in the face with it, according to police.

Walker and Pfc. Marty Heinefield placed Walsh on the sidewalk in front of The Compleat Bookseller “as part of routine takedown,” Dolgos said in a telephone interview Saturday morning. The arrest was very public. Walsh could be heard screaming, over the din of the parade, “You have no right to arrest me.”

As Walker and Heinefield were trying to place Walsh in the patrol car, Walsh allegedly pushed Heinefield.

Walsh also was seen walking around the downtown area Friday night dressed as “Frosty,” participating in the celebration surrounding the official arrival of Santa Claus.

There were no reports of improper behavior, according to police. Walsh is currently on probation for a September conviction for disorderly conduct.

Frosty The Snowman Handcuffed

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9 years ago

Absolutely disgusting. Sucker punch three of those out there yo help them celebrate one of, if not the most important hiliday in America. Maybe a judge can sentence him to serve the K9 unit with cleaning up etc. the lowest possible job under the watchful eyes of the K9 team. He will screw up as he cannot hide his true colors, so a 5 year suspended sentence and 5 years probation after “serving”. He won’t make it so he will get what he deserves.

Barbara Short
9 years ago

i dont even know what to say, i just wanne spit in his face for kicking  a k-9 officer ,who is there  to protect him too humans can be  so disscusting ,

Charlotte obedience training

Thats is both stupid and disgusting… lets me speechless.

research papers
9 years ago

Very, very interesting!


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