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Roxy's Last Days: Heartfelt Video

A truly heartfelt video. Here’s a message from it’s creator and Roxy’s owner, Brent Storm.

There is so much I can say about Roxy… She was my closest companion for the past 2+ years and was always happy to meet new friends. She would greet everyone with a wiggly bum (stubby tail) and a high five.

She was a very smart dog and could be taught almost any trick.. including skateboarding!

It has been very unfortunate that we lost her at such a young age, but we know she has gone to a better place.

We miss her with all of our hearts and she has left a huge impact (and paw print) on our lives.

She will never be forgotten.

Roxy we love you and miss you more than anything!

Love Always,

– BS

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11 years ago

I’m so sorry for your loss. She is a precious little girl and you loved her well. I just had to let my Kitty Jakey go on 11/10/11 because of the same disease. It is so painful and quiet. It is the last loving thing we can do for them but the pain is torture at times. We honor them by allowing another furbaby into our lives who also needs our love and we need theirs, too. Take care, heal & love again. ~ Debra, Jakey, Izzy, Kota & Eli Jo Jambo

11 years ago
Reply to  LoveFurbabies

My heart is breaking for your loss,I have lost 2 dags .One to cancer and one to severe seizures and the pain was so bad,I didn’t think I could survive the heartbreak,but as the days go by the pain won’t be as intense and one day you will be able to talk about the good times and fun you had with roxie.It’s not fair.I liked when you took her to the dog park,it seemed like the other dogs really liked her,she is beautiful and listened to you so well.God bless your baby girl roxie,may she rest in peace.xx

P. Dog
11 years ago

Thanks for sharing, what a sweet spirit of a girl.  Many condolences and our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. P

11 years ago

poor baby!  Reminds me of my Roxy a snoring puggy who is ten!!  Sorry for yuor loss!!  Roxy, Lexy, and Amber the pug’s mom!

11 years ago

I am so sorry for your loss and pain. Know in your hearts you did what was best for Roxy. The minute we touch them we know they will forever tear our hearts apart. You cannot have a dog without knowing pain, it is intertwined forever. And we are better for it.

Angie Hristova
11 years ago

I felt the same way when we had to put down our beloved Luke Skywalker on 6/29/2010! Life is never the same without them but better because we of them!

k9studiophotography • kristina
k9studiophotography • kristina
11 years ago

please accept my condolences for the loss of your cute girl …


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