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Dog Lost For 10 Months Reunites With Owner

10 month reunion with dog

GLENDALE, AZ – A Valley woman whose dog wandered off 10 months ago has been reunited with her beloved pet just in time for the holidays.

The heart-warming tale began last Christmas Eve when Antionette McKinney and her family arrived home from a party, according to the Arizona Humane Society. She was greeted at the car by her best friend, her dog Baby Lady.

As she carried gifts into the house, she assumed her pet was following close behind. However, once the commotion had died down, Baby Lady had disappeared, said Bretta Nelson of the Humane Society.

Nelson said McKinney was frantic and spent the next few weeks “driving her family crazy” as she went door to door looking for her lost companion. Weeks turned to months and McKinney had all but given up hope of ever seeing her pet again, Nelson said.

Then the tide turned. Not long ago, McKinney had just arrived home from the hospital when she checked her messages, Nelson said. It was the Arizona Humane Society saying that Baby Lady was at the Sunnyslope shelter.

A Good Samaritan had brought in a stray dog. The stray dog had a microchip, and it led to the discovery of McKinney as the pet’s owner.

McKinney immediately jumped in the car and before long, she was hugging her wayward pet once again.

The day brought an extra dose of good fortune. McKinney also welcomed a grandson into her family.

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11 years ago

So sweet!!!!!

11 years ago

So sweet!!!!!

11 years ago

It”s a gift, I feel so happy is a beautiful news in a bad day.

11 years ago

wow!  talk about a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving!  wishing all of you a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy year!


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