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Suspect Arrested, Police Dog Injured In California Standoff

Michael PuleoA suspect is in custody after barricading himself inside an Elk Grove, California home Monday night and injuring a police dog that was attempting to detain him.

According to Elk Grove, California Police Officer Chris Trim, a SWAT team and hostage negotiators were called on scene (though thankfully, there weren’t any hostages).

Police then fired tear gas into the home but the suspect did not give himself up.

Finally, police sent a K-9 into the home to locate the suspect. The suspect actively fought the dog and was bitten by the dog, according to Trim.

“The suspect physically fought with the canine, attempting to choke the dog out. The canine continued to stay on the bite. Additional officers responded in and we were able to take the suspect into custody,” Trim said.

Paramedics were called to the scene to the treat the suspect’s injuries; the extent of his injuries were unknown.

The police dog, an 8-year-old Dutch Shepard named Rocko, was taken to Bradshaw Veterinary for an examination, Trim said.

The suspect is wanted in a Sacramento Police Department case for stabbing a man early Monday.

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Gourmet Dog Treats
11 years ago

Too young to for the bad boy business !

resume help
11 years ago

you can make a film on this story..


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