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Connecticut Man Tries To Free Dog From Pound

Trouble kept adding up last weekend for a Connecticut man who was suspected of cutting power to a dog pound and scaling its barbed wire fence in an effort to liberate his small hound with “special needs”.

The man, Walter Scovish, 55, was arrested by West Hartford, Connecticut police September 3 on drug charges and locked up overnight. He was taken into custody again on September 4 on suspicion of larceny. Early Labor Day he was found in the woods near the pound after officers responded to an alarm.

When he was apprehended, Scovish demanded to check on the welfare of his dog before he was taken back to the West Hartford lockup.

Scovish’s troubles with the law started way back on July 3 when his 2003 Taurus was impounded and his dog, Missy, an Italian Greyhound, was handed over to Animal Control after police said he was found with a bag of heroin and a hypodermic needle in a West Hartford, Connecticut parking lot.

Police said Scovish was continually concerned for Missy while in jail and was warned repeatedly not to visit the pound before it reopened after Labor Day.

“Scovish his dog had special needs and that he was planning on sleeping at the dog pound until the Animal Control Officer arrived,” police said in an arrest report.

As it turned out, however, Scovish broke into the fire department training grounds behind the pound and into a nearby landscaping business, allegedly stealing items.

When police arrived at the pound, the power was off and wires and an electrical meter were missing from the building. A pair of blue boxer shorts was slung on a roof to the kennel. Police speculated that Scovish placed the underpants on the barbed wire to protect his hands.

There was no indication Scovish was able to reach Missy inside the kennel.

“ was scared,” West Hartford animal control supervisor Karen Jones said Wednesday.

“ a relative came by to pick her up. She was very happy to go.”

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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Jesse Thompson
10 years ago

glad family came 2 her rescue god bless the family xxxx

Gourmet Dog Treats
10 years ago

Great the dog was rescued from such hogs.


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