Stowaway Dog Survives Hot Journey From South Carolina to Georgia

Stowaway Dog

This is a story of survival. A dog spent two days in the back of a tractor trailer in temperatures well above 100 degrees and no one noticed her until she jumped off in a warehouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia where she was sickly and barely alive.

The dog, who has since been named “Carolina” since it appears her journey began in Denmark, South Carolina where she wandered onto the back of a tractor trailer without anyone noticing, is now being nursed back to health at Georgia’s Gwinnett County Animal Control where she is now thriving and waiting for a new home.

Carolina’s presence didn’t become known until 48 hours after it began when the tractor trailer she was riding in, backed up at the loading dock at the Masonite Door Corporation in Lawrenceville, Georgia. When the driver opened the back door, Carolina ran out and into a corner of the warehouse where she cowered in fear.

“When the dog ran out, everyone in the receiving department went to try to round it up and see if it needed help,” said plant manager David Toll.

Veterinarians have since determined that Carolina is a 4-year-old German Shepherd mix and should be healthy enough to be adopted in another week or two.

“That’s fantastic news,” Toll said, adding that when animal control picked the dog up at the warehouse, he thought she was too sick to survive. “The animal control officer thought that they might put her to sleep, which we were pretty upset about. I’m really glad to hear that something good might come out of this after all.”

Toll said he and his staff grew attached to the dog as they watched her for several hours until an animal control officer arrived. He took a picture of the dog before she was taken away.

Carolina has now captured everyone’s hearts, including the vets who at first contemplated putting her down. “The dog was sweet and very good natured,” Cpl. Jake Smith said. “The veterinary clinic felt like she had a very good fighting chance to survive, and she’s thriving.”

Carolina is thriving so well she’s almost ready to begin a new journey. That journey will take her to a home she’s never had.

Anyone interested in adopting Carolina can call the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter at 770-339-3200.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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Paula Lee Bright
12 years ago

I wonder if anyone has tried to see if anyone is looking for her in the town where she climbed aboard. I wish she could go home. 🙁

But very thrilled she will go to a happy new home, rather than being put down. Ya gotta love dogs. 

12 years ago

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12 years ago

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