Koko, Australia’s Canine Star, Enjoys The Good Life

Koko the Red Dog with Makeup Artist

Stretched out on the couch in a penthouse suite overlooking Western Australia’s Swan River and lapping up water from a Moet & Chandon ice bucket, Koko the kelpie is living large.

The charming canine is taking part in a publicity blitz for the new film Red Dog, based on the true story of the dog who roamed the Western Australian outback during the 1970s.

The film, starring Josh Lucas and Rachael Taylor, is a must-see for animal lovers of all ages.

Producer Nelson Woss, who describes the film as a love story between a community and a dog, hopes the film, which drew giggles and tears from viewers at the Perth, Australia premiere last week, will become as well-loved as Crocodile Dundee and Babe.

As for Koko , he couldn’t sit on command when he was picked after a nationwide search and needed three years of training from animal trainer Luke Hura before he could step onto the set.

Although Lucas was desperate to take the kelpie to New York with him, it was Woss who got to keep him.

Once the national media tour winds up, Koko will step away from the spotlight.

“It was hard to make this movie. It was a hot, harsh, tough environment and Koko was just a real pro,” says Woss.

“He worked so hard, and now he’s just going to enjoy being a dog. We go for long walks and he has a feed, and he’s a happy dog.”

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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12 years ago

Oh Koko – what a beautiful dog! We want to meet you someday! Woof! Love, Stella & Waffles

12 years ago

I love it. What a lucky doggie 🙂

12 years ago

U are one lucky dog KoKo and we hope u have grrrreat success with your movie!!

12 years ago

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