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Missouri Dog Breeder Shut Down Under Prop B Changes

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster charged a Monett, Missouri dog breeder with violating new laws set up by dog breeding legislation passed by the General Assembly last session.

Koster says for the first time his office has been able to use regulations stipulated under SB161, referred to as the Missouri Solution, which changed Proposition B.

Linda Briscoe, the owner of Moser Kennel is charged with several violations of the new state laws, including allowing excess build up of feces on flooring surfaces, allowing water sources to become dirty, and failing to keep sick, aged or young dogs indoors.

Koster says Briscoe also did not allow adequate veterinarian visits, failed to provide adequate shade for animals and failed to provide housing that protected the animals from injury.

Investigators from the Missouri Department of Agriculture also found that Briscoe did not follow euthanasia procedures, usually using a shot gun to put down ailing animals.

Koster obtained a restraining order stopping Briscoe from operating the business, and allowing the Department of Agriculture to inspect the dogs on her property in preparation for trial.

Briscoe faces several criminal penalties and fines for the conditions on her property.

Koster says he’s seeking a permanent order requiring her to shut down and pay court costs and civil penalties for past violations.

Story by Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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11 years ago

I pray she will be forever shut down! Another sick, money-hungry excuse for a human being…hope she gets plenty of jail time on top of it!

11 years ago

Just HOW dirty was the water? How many pieces of crap? A couple of hundreds? How old were the old ones? How young were the young ones? How “sick” were the sick ones?
How do you describe “adequate”?

11 years ago

PROP B is fascist. Look up the Humane Society of .he U.S. and its founder. You will be amazed

11 years ago

Look up the YMCA of the USA and its founder. The people were lied to about what prop B is about. And what happens to all of those dogs who are rescued? Most are killed. Have a nice day,


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