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Homeless Dog Digs INTO Fairbanks, Alaska Animal Shelter

Dog Breaks Into Shelter 1
Surveillance footage of dog breaking into shelter.

A bizarre break-in occurred at the Fairbanks Alaska North Star animal shelter early Wednesday morning and the perp didn’t leave.

Shelter workers discovered the interloper shortly after arriving at 7:30 a.m. — a large black, tan and white husky mix — casually mixing it up with the shelter dogs. There have been break-ins before security alarms and cameras were installed, but never by a dog.

Shelter staff dubbed the stray “Albert,” but a more apropos moniker might be Digger.

Homelessness obviously didn’t appeal to Albert. Possibly, as one pundit said, he was looking for a new “leash on life.”

Surveillance tapes pick up Albert’s modus operandi about 1 a.m. as he begins casing the joint, sniffing around the building and the perimeter of the fenced in dog yard. Occasionally he walks out to the road perhaps looking to catch a ride. But he always comes back. As the night wears on, Albert starts looking in shelter windows.

“He was trying to get in the legal way,” joked Sandy Besser, animal control manager. By 6:30 a.m., Albert formulates a new plan and starts digging a hole under the high dog yard wire fence.

“He probably heard about what good care animals get here,” said Sandy Klimaschesky, shelter operations supervisor.

After checking out the inner area, Albert used his considerable digging skills to successfully dig under an inner fence where more than a half dozen chained sled dogs reside. The dogs were excited, Besser said, but Albert just went on sniffing around and saying hello to everyone.

Albert can’t be classified as a burglar or a thief since no crime was committed.

He weighs 75 pounds, has a longer than average body, one brown and one slightly bluish white eye, and a high arching tail ending in a white tip. Personality-wise, Albert is described as a laid-back gentleman with a strong stoic bent. He is in good health, has no microchip implanted, is not neutered and is estimated to be 2 years old.

Whatever his motives for breaking in, Albert now has the opportunity to find a new home.

Today, Albert is in a holding pen, waiting to be adopted.

Dog Breaks Into Shelter 2
Presenting break in artist, Albert the Dog.
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Janette Hamilton
10 years ago

There’s a first time for everything!

10 years ago

He must have wanted to eat and to be close to his buddies and to the human touch…this is a nice story. I hope its a no kill shelter
10 years ago

Shared this on FB, I assume the criminal wasn’t shame-faced. In fact, he may have worn a doggish grin.

10 years ago

What a funny story!!!  It is refreshing to hear these kinds of stories rather than the alternative!!!  Husky doggies are sly characters!!!!  What a great story!!!


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