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Do Dog Files Good Deed For 2nd Week Of May, Win $200 For Shelter Of Your Choice!

Want to win $200 for the shelter of your choice? I am so excited about this week’s Good Deed! Read on and find out how!

The Good Deed

Go to Tonic and in less than 400 words, tell us a story about how your dog has changed your life for the better and upload a photo of you with your dog.

If we reach our goal of 100 people doing the deed and submitting a story, Tonic will pick a winner and donate $200 to the animal shelter of the winner’s choice. So, don’t forget to include the shelter, city and state you’d want to be the recipient of the prize should you win.

Plus, the winner and two runner-ups will have their story and photo published on the Dog Files!

This deed is easy for me. If I never adopted my hound Max, the Dog Files and everyone it has affected would have never come to be. I owe it all to Max!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Tonic, do a good deed and have a chance to win $200 for the shelter of your choice!

Here’s the link: Dog Files/Tonic Good Deed

Hug your pups,
Kenn, Max & Remy

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Michael Haslam
11 years ago

Is this restricted to US citizens or can anyone join in?.

Terry Carlson
11 years ago

if i ever did win somethind I would wanr it to go to the dog shelter!!

Terry Carlson
11 years ago

the dogs that are in need!!!

Patricia Burrier
Patricia Burrier
11 years ago

I cannnot tell you about 1 dog that made a difference in my life.  Each of my dogs, including the 3 rescues I have now have enhanced my life vastly.  Each got me through times I didn’t think I’d make it.  Each gave me home in mankind that one day people will love each other unconditionally and ask for little in return.  I wish I could help them all.  I pray that people open their hearts to give to those around in need – 2 legged or 4 legged.   The shelter of my choice this the  Andalusia Animal Shelter    as they just went NO KILL.  No more gas chambers and numbered days for their animals.  God Bless them and all the rest.

Kenn Bell
11 years ago

Patricia, thank you for the response but the contest isn’t here in the comments. You can find the link in the story or just click here:

You can copy and paste your info onto that site. Just follow the directions there.



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