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An Animal Shelter Like No Other: Washington Animal Rescue League

I’ve seen the future and this is it! Incredible, clean and well lit facility with humane education. Just wow!

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10 years ago

Omg!!! I love it!!! They nees to bring this system to Canada!

10 years ago

I would volunteer there in a heartbeat. Too bad it’s the ‘other Washington’

10 years ago

I have tears of JOY running down my face…if only this could be the global standard. I wish you could add Delaware County (just outside of Philly) to your list of areas to work with…we are losing our SPCA as of June 30th! They will only be accepting animals turned in by owners no animal control animals. We have nothing in place for the stray, lost or animals removed from cruelty situations . Can you help us?? [email protected]

Julie Ash
Julie Ash
9 years ago

Finally my vision of what an animal shelter should be has come to life with your shelter!!  Thank you for setting the standard, now maybe you could franchise your perfect business model throughout the country!  The government should only allow shelters to be called shelters if they are run just like your facility at the Washington Rescue League.  I currently live in Eastern NC and my heart aches daily when I see neglect all around! There are no ASPCA’s or Humane Society’s or Animal Police in this area so people neglect their animals and no one does anything about it!  There’s no one to call who could help them.  Hunting dogs are kept in cages their entire lifetime and these people think that’s okay..just heartbreaking!!!  Dogs are kept chained up & neglected by so many. I’ve seen horses with ribs showing but there’s no one to call for help and I’ve seen dogs with nails so long they’re curling around but the owner is a local Judge so who’s going to do anything about that?  The local shelter calls itself the Humane Society but they’re nothing more than a death camp!  The Vet who runs the shelter has been known to teach cruel killing methods to the volunteers who refused, quit and tried to tell on him, local paper printed a story about 14 years ago but he’s still running the shelter and nothing has changed! It’s disgraceful!!!  North Carolinians have Oppossum Drops as a cruel tradition but they won’t stop!  They have cruel bow hunting of deer to reduce the population in Emerald Isle, NC even after many people begged them not to use such barbaric and cruel methods which leave deer injured to die a slow death!  We need Animal Law Enforcement and a “NO” kill shelter.  There are a few rescue groups but no one seems to be able to remove the local shelter and it’s horrific staff in Morehead City!   I’m sure if the local rescue groups got together to set up and run a shelter the way it should be run, it would create much needed change to this area.  Thank you again for what you have accomplished!


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