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Kyle, Texas Looks to Ban Chaining Dogs Outside Homes

chained white dog

Texas resident Vanessa Harris is every dog’s new best friend.

Harris, a pet owner from Kyle, Texas, approached the Kyle, Texas, City Council to try to ban chaining dogs outside homes.

Harris, who just moved from Houston, Texas to Kyle, Texas in November, said she could not believe her eyes.

“I never thought that a chained dog is an abused dog,” she said. “But these dogs are perpetually chained.”
?The ban, which sailed passed its first reading in the council, is now headed to a second reading on May 3, when members will take a final vote. The ban would force dog owners who let their dogs outside either to have the dogs fenced in their yard or to keep them inside a pen at least 150 feet wide.

Texas already has a law making it illegal to have dogs tied for more than three hours or overnight. But the city of Kyle, which sits to the south of Austin, Texas runs on a small budget, so its animal control team is made up of just one officer who works 9-to-5, Monday through Friday. This makes enforcing the three-hour ban difficult and the overnight ban nearly impossible.

The new ban would make any unattended chained dog a violation.

“This chain ban would make enforcement a lot easier,” Mayor Lucy Johnson said. “All (the animal control officer) would have to do is see a chained dog alone, and she could react.”

The crime would be a misdemeanor that comes with a fine of $500 to $2,000. The city said it intends to educate residents before the ban takes effect.

“We’d be happy to never write a ticket on this,” Jerry Hendricks, Kyle’s communications director, said. “We will offer our residents every opportunity to be in compliance here.”
Johnson said the overall reaction in the city has been positive, except for a few citizens who want the city government to stay off their leashes.

Some caveats of the ban would be people with disabilities or if they stay outside with their pet tied up.

“We just saw the problem and tried to make a solution,” Johnson said

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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Sharon Regan
11 years ago

THE PETS PRAYER: “Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in the entire world is more grateful for your kindness than mine. Don’t be angry with me for long, and don’t lock me up as punishment. After all, you have your job, your friends and your entertainment. I only have you.”

11 years ago

I am so against abusing animals I myself have a dog, We don’t have a fence up yet so when Diesel goes outside he is on a chain because he is a runner. We take him to the dog park every other day and we play with him outside when the weather allows I don’t feel like I am being cruel as much as I am keeping him safe we live on a street where they think going fast is cool. He always has water outside with him and I take out toys as well. Not all people who chain their dogs are bad. Why does everything have to have a label just like pit bulls. My uncle raised pits and they were the sweetest dogs around and I have one next door to me and she is a love. Sorry this is so long just wanted to get it off my chest.

11 years ago
Reply to  Lauriejw55

you are right, as I have done the same, except my dogs are mostly inside with me. Not all people who chain dogs are being cruel, but Laurie, you must have seen…at least around my area…dogs are put on chains and forgotten. It is sooo sad. I would hope they would not want to label every one. But this is an opportunity for them to get the people who are treating dogs with such…unkindness. Even the act of leaving a dog completly alone for days or weeks on end is sooo cruel. They need exercise and love. Someone has to help the dogs that are left in these very sad conditions. I am sure you will be fine if you are giving your dog the attention it deserves. God bless you.

11 years ago


11 years ago

Office Phone Numbers for Council Members and Mayor
Mayor Lucy Johnson: 512-913-4742
Council Member District 1, Diane Hervol: 512-560-2689
Council Member District 2, Becky Selbera: 512-262-1010
Council Member District 3, Bradley Pickett: 512-293-5597
Mayor Pro Tem Russ Heubner, District 6: 512-659-9474
Council Member District 4, David Wilson: 512-587-5551
Council Member District 5, Jaime Sanchez: 512-268-1002

Kyle, Texas votes May 3

11 years ago

I do agree about the abuse of leaving the dog on a chain that some people will do & yes it is wrong! But some of us that dont have the money to have a fence built to protect our animals,sometimes the dog has to be on a chain. Like me for an example…..My dog Scoob is a mixed & Lab,durring the Spring & Summer & some of the Fall he is outside on a chain,but he has a dog house to get in out of the weather & a car port to boot & he has fresh water everyday & Food….Plus he’s got shade & he’s the ONLY dog in town that has his very own fan outside when it get Hot. When it start to get Cold about 50 degrees Im bringing him inside with me where its warm. I dont walk him on a leash like I do my others,cause he’s to big & hefty & he jerks me alot,but he his a good doggie. But the whole time he’s on that chain he does have enter acting with me or my son or even my Mom. He get LOTS of LOVE & Exercise that he needs. So you see in SOME cases we humans arn’t bad,this is all we’ve got to work with. I LOVE my Scoob & try very hard to protect him from harm!

NC dog owner
NC dog owner
10 years ago

Do you know how many dogs are going to get dumped at the shelter now? Not everyone has the money right now to put up a dog pen that’s 150 feet wide, not to mention the fact that not all home lots are 150 feet wide, and those same people are not going to be able to afford a $2000 fine for keeping their dog on a chain. Not all dogs are house broken, and not all dogs are happy in the house. I have a 100 pound rottie lab cross that gets very nervous in the house and stands at the door and whines. I doesn’t like the big dog pet we built either. She got very jumpy and was snapping at everyone including her dog buddy when we go on our walks. She is very happy on a 20 foot cable that is staked in the center, and she loves her big Igloo dog house. I would hate for her to end up at the dog pound because I couldn’t afford a fine or a pen. So many of you seem to forget that a lot of us have lost our jobs and are doing everything we can to keep our families happy and healthy. I think that law sucks.


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