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Irresponsible Dog Owner Lets Dog On Roof In Youngstown, Ohio

Dog On Roof

It’s not exactly a cat on a hot tin roof but it did get a lot of attention.

Neighbors called the county dog warden after seeing a dog hanging out on the roof of a house on Jefferson Street in Youngstown, Ohio.

The dog had apparently knocked out a window on the second floor and was able to climb in and out of the house as he pleased.

The owner of the house wasn’t home.

When the dog warden arrived, he heard another dog barking inside and didn’t see the proper tags on the dog on the roof.

??”So the first thing is, the two dogs in there that are non-licensed, that will be the first issue,” said Mahoning County, Ohio Dog Warden Dave Nelson. “In the meantime, I’m going to try to make contact with him through the neighbor. She said he lets the dog do it, it’s easier than walking the dog. That he just goes out on the roof and protects the property and whatever, does his business and goes from there.”

Neighbors said the dogs’ owner was at work at the time.

Nelson said he’s not sure if any laws were broken since the dog did not appear to be hurt or sick.??

“There’s a fine line … that can it reasonably be expected the dog would in some way be sick or in some way suffer, and of course, if he jumped off the roof,” said Nelson. “There’s all kinds of things like that that can transpire from there, and it would be something that we’d take to the prosecutor and let the prosecutor see.”

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11 years ago

It is better than peeing on the carpet and getting beat for it, which I am sure would happen if he had!!

11 years ago

how is it the owners fault if the dog breaks through a window screen when they arent home? They arent LETTING him onto the roof. And from what i can see, the dog DOES have tags.

11 years ago

Can you see the details of the tags…..?

11 years ago

I used to let my dogs do that, they LOVED it, and never jumped or fell off!! What a waste of time….

Allie Chambers
11 years ago

I know plenty of people who let their dog on the roof when they are watching them, but If the dog knocked the window out when the owner wasn’t there, how is it the owners fault?

11 years ago

Calling the owner “irresponsible” is libelous. I hope they sue.


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