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Jersey City Firefighters Save Pup From Sewer

Jersey City Sewer Dog

Instead of rescuing a cat from a tree, Jersey City firefighters rescued a dog from the sewer.

A small dog was rescued by Jersey City, New Jersey firefighters Sunday after it was found trapped under the metal grate of a catch basin.

Fire Director Armando Roman says it’s not clear whether it was thrown away or perhaps just overly curious.

“It was real dirty and they had to wash it down,” Roman said.

Though the animal showed no apparent signs of abuse or malnourishment, the discovery comes less than a month after “Patrick the Miracle Dog” was found stuffed in a plastic bag at the bottom of a Newark, New Jersey apartment building’s garbage chute.

Patrick has gone on to make a recovery, and his owner was charged with four counts of animal abuse.

The female dog is now at the Liberty Humane Society shelter in Jersey City, New Jersey where a worker said there are no signs of abuse.

The dog is described it as a poodle, possibly around four years old, with no visible signs of abuse, but also no identifying tag.

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10 years ago

This puppy is just adorable!! I have no doubt she will find a great forever home. God bless her.


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