Japanese Dog Rescued After Three Weeks At Sea

Japanese Dog at Sea

No one knows how he did it—what he ate or what he drank. All that’s known is that somehow, he survived.

A family dog was washed out to sea and found – still alive – after weeks of floating on the ocean. Japanese coast guard search teams spotted a dog on a roof that was floating in an island of debris over a mile off the coast of Japan.

Washed out to sea during the tsunami, the dog’s been living there for three weeks.

When helicopters approached the frightened animal, it scrambled under the roof.

He was too scared to come to a rescuer who was lowered from the chopper. Rescue teams then put themselves in danger to help the dog by going under the roof to try and get him but with no success, and finally leaving as the chopper was running out of fuel.

After a few hours, a coast guard ship arrived and was able to reach him.

The dog was wrapped in blankets and returned to a coast guard mother ship where he captured his rescuers’ hearts, licking their hands as they petted it and fed it sausage.

His owners may never be reached. He wasn’t wearing any identification.

But the pooch may have a new home, and a new job, as the mascot of a Japanese coast guard ship.

Story By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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13 years ago

wow I am so happy he was rescued, our animals do so many things for us!! the chance to return his loyalty is a miracle…..Thank God!!

13 years ago

He absolutely deserved that risk!


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