It was one of the more stirring videos of the devastation in Japan.

Two injured dogs are found by a reporter in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. One dog is seen severely injured and lying down. The other is moving around, agitated and appearing to be protecting the more injured one. Headlines accompanying the video stated: “Loyal dog won’t leave injured friend.”

Several days later CNN and other news outlets reported the happy news that the dogs were rescued.

Now however, a firestorm has erupted over whether that’s even true.

Global Animal, a popular site for animal lovers, questions the accuracy of a Facebook user who claims to have rescued the canines.

Kenn Sakurai, the owner of a dog food supply company in Japan, has been posting on Facebook that he rescued the dogs, and Sakurai has been accepting money from grateful animal lovers wanting to help the dogs.

Global Animal recently interviewed Sakurai after he initially turned down several of their interview requests but thus far however, he has no photographic proof of the dogs.

Now Global Animal does not appear to be convinced that Sakurai or anyone associated with him actually rescued the dogs or that they are still alive.

No other rescue organization in Japan can account for the dogs, either.

So now, the sad mystery continues. The video remains haunting.

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files