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Actor Ryan Phillippe Adopts Shelter Dog

Ryan Phillippes son Deacon with shelter dog

I wish more people in the media spotlight would adopt shelter dogs like Ryan Phillippe just did. Though, I still wouldn’t ever want anyone to use the word, “spontaneously” next to “adopted a dog”, it sure seems like Ryan’s heart was is the right place.

While I wish famous people like the Obama’s or Mark Zuckerberg would have adopted instead of buying, I’ll take the small victories when we get them!

— Kenn

Ryan Phillippe’s seven-year old son Deacon was feeling a little down last weekend so Phillippe decided to give his son the best gift possible to cheer him up: a shelter dog!

As Phillippe, who’s also father to 11-year old Ava, told Jimmy Kimmel, Deacon has been a walking disaster this past school year, coming home from school almost everyday with assorted broken bones and currently “a busted lip. It’s the fattest lip ever.”

Phillippe, 36, who shares custody of the children with ex-wife actress Reese Witherspoon, noticed that Deacon’s “been kind of down this weekend, so spontaneously, we adopted a dog. We went to a rescue in downtown L.A. Here’s him looking happier.”

Phillippe then showed Kimmel a photo of his son hugging and lying on a black dog.

So three cheers, for Ryan Phillippe, a great dad and a great shelter dog advocate!

.By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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9 years ago

So glad to see that and so glad to see it was a older dog at that. They have a harder time finding someone to rescue them everyone wants a puppy which is good too but it’s nice to older ones find the forever home too.

9 years ago

Ryan’s beloved English bulldog Frank Sinatra recently died of old age. My guess is he planned to get a new dog eventually but decided the time was right to give his son something positive to focus on.


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