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How To Find Your Missing Dog For $10

microchipped dog lobo
Lobo getting ready to go home.

The last time Father Annibal Morales saw Logo it was three years ago and the dog was just a puppy.

Somehow however, Logo escaped from Father Morales’ home and he thought Logo was gone for good.

“As a priest, we don’t have family of our own, losing him was like losing a part of my family,” Father Morales said.

Well, fast forward to last week when someone found Logo and dropped him off at Miami-Dade Animal services where the dog’s implanted microchip was scanned.

That $10 microchip meant the difference between Logo being lost and now found.

“As long as the dog shows up at a regular vet, any private vet or any regular vet or shelter in the whole world, it doesn’t matter where, they can find the owner,” said Miami-Dade Animal Services Andrew Banchs.

Although he is suffering from a skin condition and appeared to be scared and skinny, Logo will be nursed back into shape at his owner’s new home next to Miami’s Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

“It’s worthwhile to have that on your dog,” said Morales. “It’s been three years, but it’s worthwhile to find him.”

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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