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Is Your Dog On Facebook?

This infographic is brought to us by Lab42 and doggyLoot. They noticed a lot of dogs have their own Facebook page and decided to do a survey to see how many people on Facebook have a page solely for their canine. Below is the infographic with the info they obtained and the information is pretty interesting.

Facebook Dogs

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11 years ago

My dogs were on facebook but both accounts got disabled because they said they couldn’t “verify their information” which is weird because there were no emails sent to the addresses or anything so I’m not sure how facebook “verifies” things. They just seem to randomly disable accounts whenever they feel like it whether there is a reason or not. They suck the fun out of everything!

Giselle Gonzalez
11 years ago

My pup has a youtube! He “used it more actively” when he was young. I loved being able to share his puppy videos with my family that live far away from me. Love the infographic!


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