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Will Skippy The Golden Retriever Who Bit Toddler Be Euthanized?

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare.

Skippy, a 4-year old, 90-pound, golden retriever from Freetown, Massachusetts who bit his owner’s granddaughter on two separate occasions, was sentenced to death for the deeds.

The first incident occurred last October when Skippy bit owner Thomas Locke’s 1-year old granddaughter, Jordan. The laceration required 12 stitches.

The second incident occurred this past Christmas when Skippy growled and snapped at Jordan as she walked by, and ultimately bit her finger,

Skippy’s death sentence was served after it was determined that Locke did not adhere to the town’s stipulations after the first incident, to have the dog neutered, trained, and kept under quarantine whenever Jordan was around.

But in a last minute reprieve however, it now seems Skippy’s life may just be spared.

As of last Thursday night, the Freetown Board of Selectmen voted not to euthanize the dog, but instead ruled that he be sent to the South Coast Center for Animal Rescue and Education in New Bedford. There, Skippy is to be evaluated and potentially rehabilitated prior to determining whether he is safe for a new owner,

“This outcome is really in the best interest of all, the town, and most importantly, Skippy“, said Selectmen chairman, Lawrence Ashley

Town officials said they are now waiting for Locke, who is now Skippy’s “former” owner, to meet certain conditions before the dog is released to the rescue center.

Locke must pay $2,500 for kennel, legal, and police expenses, and make a $250 donation to an animal shelter of his choice. The town is waiting to hear whether he has agreed to make the donation, Ashley said.

A “Free Skippy’’ Facebook page has 5,239 supporters and a fund website has so far raised $3,583 to help cover the expenses.

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

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11 years ago

Good thing Skippy is a golden retriever. If he was any of the “dangerous breeds” he woud have been euthanized after the first bite. Discrimination anyone?

11 years ago
Reply to  Amarshall5

if it was a dangerous breed we would be talking about the girl’s death and by the way, if you read up on all the facts, the young girl who is the “mother” of the child, admitted lying about the dog.

11 years ago

Wow 2 chances and stilll walks away from death definitely Skippy wasnt a bully breed or he wouldve been put down the first time he even looked at the kid.

11 years ago

check your facts folks, the “mother” of the little girl admittedly lied about the poor dog and is now begging for the dog not to be euthanized…


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