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Delaware Dog Survives Fall Into Icy Pond

Delaware Dog Rescued From Ice 1

Delaware Dog Rescued From Ice 2

Delaware Dog Rescued From Ice 3

For a dog named Boo, things got a little scary when he was taking his daily stroll and fell through a frozen Greenville, Delaware pond Friday afternoon.

Owner Maria Murowany said 13-year old Boo likes to walk around the lake regularly to visit his friends, but things turned out a little differently on Friday when she heard Boo’s distressed barks and ran out to see her son’s dog’s head poking out over the ice. A neighbor called 911.

Crews arrived and quickly formulated a plan.

Grabbing a row-boat from a neighbor, three men piled into the boat as five others remained on land.

The men used tools to break the ice so they could steer their way over to the dog that was forty feet off land.

“Going out was a little tricky,” said one rescue worker. “I could barely reach out and try not to tip boat at the same time.”

Things ended happily for Boo however, when he collapsed into the boat and was quickly bundled up with blankets.

Now home, he’s getting special attention. The Murowany’s have set up an extra heater to warm him up, plus plenty of treats, and no shortage of scratches.

By Elaine Furst for Dog Files

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11 years ago

Oh! It was nice that the rescuers got there in time, poor furball. Looks like they need to consider his wanderings in winter.


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