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Playful Pit Bull Tosses Owner’s Weed Out Of Truck Window In Front Of Police

Joel Dobrin Drug DogBy Elaine Furst For Dog Files

This is one road trip that would give Cheech and Chong nightmares!

On February 9, Joel Dobrin and his Pit Bull were driving in his 1998 GMW Truck in Sherman County, Oregon when Dobrin spotted Police Sgt. John Terrel’s cruiser lights flashing in his rearview mirror.

In a panic, Dobrin grabbed the gym sock that held his stash of marijuana and attempted to hide it somewhere in his car. Unfortunately for Dobrin however, his Pit Bull loves playing tug of war and loves it even more when a sock is involved.

Sadly, the game ended badly for Dobrin when the dog ripped the dope-filled sock out of his master’s hand and flung said sock out the open truck window!

Enter Sgt Terrel who saw the sock exit the window, pulled Dobrin over, retrieved the sock and found the hidden stash.

Joel Dobrin was indicted on drug possession charges.

Dobrin’s dog (who enjoys prominent placement on Dobrin’s Facebook page), is now being groomed for a K9 position with the sheriff’s office, or ar least Police Sgt. John Terrel wishes he was.

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9 years ago

If the dog got rid of the drugs why was the owner charged with possesion? When the cop found the sock it belonged to nobody at that point. It was abandoned and whose to say it wasn’t some other guys sock? lol.

9 years ago

well, there you go: finally pit bull haters have a real reason to dislike the dogs.  LOL!

8 years ago

Is the dog safe? I hope he did not end up with animal control.


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