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California Dogs Find New Homes In Edmonton

edmonton chihuahua

By Elaine Furst For Dog Files

The California Canine Cuties Animal Transfer Program was in full swing on Sunday when a group of 58 lucky Chihuahuas, Terriers and Poodle mixes who were rescued from Southern California animal shelters were put up for adoption.

The dogs, ranging in age from eight months to six years, were flown in from Los Angeles to Edmonton Friday aboard a private Gulfstream III. The “freedom flight” transferred 38 dogs from the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Centre in Riverside, California, and 20 more dogs from the L.A. SPCA.

The flight was arranged by Janet Folk of Orange Dog Inc., a local organization that moves pets from overcrowded shelters to areas where they can more easily find homes

This program started back in October 2008 when Lori Oshanek, a volunteer with the Edmonton Humane Society, was in Fresno and discovered that due to an over population of small breed dogs, around 11,000 of them were being euthanized there every year. So in a period of over six weeks, Oshanek brought back 30 dogs from the Central California SPCA to the humane society. Since then more than 400 dogs have been saved over six trips, five of which were organized by Orange Dog Inc.

All dogs from the humane society, including their most recent additions, are neutered or spayed and go through medical and behavioral testing.

Forty of the 58 new dogs have already passed behavioral testing and 17 were put up for adoption on Sunday, all of which were taken home.

The Alberta-born animals benefit from this program too as adoptions seem to spike when the California dogs are brought in.

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11 years ago

There more than enough small dogs here in Edmonton Yet the humane society is taking on California’s problem. The Human society does nothing for the local small dogs and it is up to smaller rescues like CARES, HART, SCARS, SHARES to fill in the gap Edmonton Humane society leaves. Yet local small dogs are being put to sleep from City of Edmonton Animal Control because they are not friendly enough for the Edmonton Humane Society. I know of one dachshund who was 1 1/2 years old was afraid of men but rather than do rehab or try and find this dog a home they sent it to be put to sleep by a local vet. Thankfully this vet called another rescue to come get this young dog and his life was saved and he now has a loving home that has worked through his fear of men.

11 years ago

Send them to St. Catharines Ont – we get next to no little dogs here – labs are our biggie. Never seen a westie or anything like that here.


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