Milo The Jack Russell Leads Rescuers to Missing Autistic Child

Good going Milo, you’re my hero too!

— Kenn

By Jerrie Dean For The

A dog led police to missing 6-year-old Caleb who was lost in the woods of Tennessee.

Caleb Walker was playing outside his home in Dickson, Tenn. on Saturday when he wandered off, reported WKRN-TV. Caleb is autistic and had been missing for almost six hours.

During the search, the police spotted the Walker family dog, Milo, a Jack Russell Terrier standing on a hill. They knew the dog had been with the little boy, and the police hoped that Caleb was nearby. The police started searching a few yards past Milo and saw Caleb standing there shaking.

“We were coming up the hill and we saw the little Jack Russell and we knew he was suppose to be with him. And I got out and started looking about 30 yards passed where the little dog was. He (Caleb) was standing there shaking read bad,” said Sergeant Gill Wood of the Montgomery County K-9 Search and Rescue.

Milo never left Caleb’s side.

Caleb was taken home and then to the hospital for observation where he is reported to be fine.

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13 years ago

Milo, you’re amazing!!! A furry little angel. Very heartwarming story. We need to hear more ‘good news’ stories.


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