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Alabama's "Baldwin County 7" Saved! New Home For Mama Pit Bull And Six Pups

By Sandra Nathan For the

A distinguished ethics professor once said, “In matters of compassion and justice, the heart does not deceive.”
In an eleventh hour rescue of a mama Pit Bull mix and her six offspring, destined for euthanization in Baldwin County (Alabama) Animal Control, (BCAC), the heart of their rescuer did not deceive.

On January 20th, the Pit Bull family of seven was left inside the mobile home of Alex Baker and Diana Caudill when the couple was arrested by Baldwin County sheriff’s deputies. The charges were unrelated to animal issues. However, accounts of how the dogs got out of the residence are sketchy and varied.

Despite the headlines, stating the dogs got out of the mobile home, “causing quite a scare in the neighborhood,” the Pit Bull family was described as friendly by animal control. One unsubstantiated report indicated the dogs “broke down the door.” Nevertheless, they ended up on death row in BCAC facility. This shelter has a policy, like many Alabama shelters, of not offering Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes for adoption.

BCAC Adoption Coordinator sent out emails to rescues, along with photos of the unfortunate canine family, looking forlorn and frightened, peering out through the bars of their stark concrete and metal cages. It was noted that BCAC was overcrowded, even before confinement of the “Pitty” family. Upon formal surrender by the jailed owners, January 28, the seven dogs were given until the end of the day to live. Facebook animal advocates and emails pleaded for a rescue to save the dogs – but it looked hopeless.

Meanwhile, Mike Bowen, Jr, of Good Dog K9 Training, Pensacola, FL, saw a post about the dire fate of the 7 dogs on Facebook. This is where the heart did not deceive. Bowen determined to save the dogs.

To read the rest, click here.

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victory heights
11 years ago

Honestly good blog I’ll definitely be coming back to have a look at it day-to-day from now on


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