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Is Democracy Dead In Missouri? Here's What Missourians Can Do To Show Them It Isn't.

A lot of Dog Filers have been asking me what they can do to help. Well, here’s something that will just take a few minutes and go a long way.

Go here, Protect the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, fill out the digital form and click “Submit Message” at the bottom of that page.

Then please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and your email so that all your friends can sign it too!

Together, we can send a message to the Missouri Government that we stand behind Dogs and Democracy.

— Kenn. Max & Remy


Is democracy dead in Missouri? Whether or not my fellow voters agree with Prop B or even care about the issue of what happens to breeding dogs and puppies in this state, every voter should be very concerned by the fact that our elected officials seem to think that our votes don’t count.

Missouri legislators have ignored this issue for too long, which is why more than 100,000 registered voters signed petitions to get Prop B on the ballot.

Concerned citizens finally had enough and took the matter to the people. The people have spoken, and the proposition passed with a majority vote. Now some of our elected officials are ignoring the majority and are attempting to modify the proposition to the point that they are obviously attempting to usurp the power of the people.

Our elected officials have failed to stop the abuse and neglect of dogs and puppies in Missouri puppy mills for decades. The registered voters of this state have had enough. Many are tired of living in a state that is known as the puppy mill capitol of the nation, and many worked very hard to educate Missouri citizens on this issue. Now some of these elected officials are essentially telling all Missouri voters that our vote doesn’t count.

The move to overturn Prop B makes a mockery of the ballot initiative process. Our government should uphold the will of the people rather than allowing special interests to subvert the judgment of voters.

This time it’s Prop B. What will it be next time? Missouri voters should feel confident that their vote counts. Otherwise, why should we bother to go to our polling places and exercise our right and duty as American citizens?

Kathy Drinnin

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12 years ago

While I’m not an American and my vote on this petition would mean nothing, it is discouraging that such blatant disregard for the voting process scares the heck out of me. What next? I would hope that most Missourians would contact their representative just to make sure that they know that you the constitiuent will be watching what will be happening in this puppy mill regard. It is just sad that we as humans have such disregard for animal life. Never mind the planet as a whole. So Missouri, become the state that it seems most people who voted for Prop B want you to be. Possibly a state where the live of animals is taken into consideration.

12 years ago

I volunteer for rescue group and we get many rescue dogs. When I get them as foster dogs, they do not know how to walk up steps, they do not know how to eat out of bowl, they are afraid of doors, hands, and most everything.

We have one that lived in a cage exclusively for 8 1/2 years. Not only were her feet disfigured from waling on the wire cage bottom, but her muscles were atrophied from living in such small quarters.. We adopted her 2 years ago, because no one called about her and she was such a sweet spirited dog.

Last week we found out from the vet that because of her atrophied muscles she is losing the use of her hind legs. I give her massages and she is on predisone.. People have no idea the damage the puppy mills do…


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