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Vets Save Dog That Ate Poisoned Meatball

My suggestion to the owners is that it’s time to move!



LA MESA, Calif. — An 8-year-old terrier-beagle mix regained consciousness and is recovering after eating a meatball laced with poison.

Veternarians placed Oreo on a ventilator and placed him in a medically induced coma over the weekend as he struggled to stay alive. The meatball he ate was believed to have been laced with strychnine.

When asked how Oreo was saved, Dr. Mike Mansfield of the La Mesa Pet Emergency Center could only call it “luck.”

“He’s on his own,” said veternary assistant Jenny Burns, “He’s breathing. He’s standing. He looks great. This is better than I could have hoped for.”

Monday, Oreo woke up and started breathing on his own. He also tried standing and drinking water. Doctors now say Oreo will survive, but they are not sure if the seizures triggered by the poison may have damaged his brain function.

Oreo’s owners said that at least five other dogs have been poisoned in their neighborhood in the last several years, but they are the first to file a police report. They told investigators that they found six meatballs in their backyard after discovering Oreo was sick.

Owner Jeannine Smith said she is relieved and looking forward to bringing Oreo home.

“I just want to sit on the couch with him again. That’s what we do. I just can’t wait,” Smith said.

La Mesa police said they are investigating the poisoning. They said they expect toxicology tests on the meatballs to confirm the veterinarian’s diagnosis of strychnine poisoning.

Meanwhile, an anonymous donor has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the person responsible for the poisoning.


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11 years ago

What a horrible thing to do to someones pet! Cruel beyond words. I hope they catch the guy.

11 years ago

When they catch this person, what do you think his first meal in jail should be? (I know it’s wrong to think this but, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

11 years ago

The scary thing for me is that I live in La Mesa and they haven’t caught the person/people that are doing this. Why would anybody want to do this? There are some sick people in this world. I wonder if all the publicity makes it better or worse? Better because it makes everyone aware. Worse because if the perpetrator wants attention, they will continue to do this. Very sad situation. But man, what a dog! And the vets on staff @ La Mesa pet emergency are awesome!!

Lori A Armstrong
Lori A Armstrong
11 years ago

As with any animal abuser, there’s a special place in HELL for whoever is responsible for these poisonings.


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