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The Most "Interesting" Looking Dog in Britain Gets A Forever Home

By Mark Berman for

When adopting a pet, most people go for the cutest one they can find. But not the Parker family of England. Not only didn’t they pick the cutest, the picked the ugliest. And not just regular ugly, certified ugly — the ugliest dog in all of Britain.

His name is Ug (short for ugly!) He’s got bug eyes (blind in one), crooked, jutting teeth (one jutting more than the others) and stray whiskers on his chin. No one wanted to adopt him. That is, until the title of Britain’s Ugliest Dog was bestowed upon him.

But not everyone thinks he is ugly — when April Parker saw the two-year-old pup’s picture on an animal sanctuary Web site, she fell in love.

She ran down to the shelter and scooped him up for £200 ($312 at today’s exchange rate). Parker said he is worth every penny.

“When people see him they do a double take. He looks comical with his bug eyes and cross teeth and he’s always bumping into things,” she said. “But he has a fantastic temperament and is really loving.”

Parker’s two teenage children also love the dog. They renamed him, giving him a less-ugly name — Doug.

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Michael Haslam
11 years ago

Such heartwarming news for the Christmas week, glad Doug has a forever home.

11 years ago

Awww bless you Doug <3 <3 ….all the very best to you and your new family.

11 years ago

What a great story and ending. He is lucky to have found a family that loves him for what he is and not by his looks.

11 years ago

God bless you little one and your loving forever family!!


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