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Missouri Senator Proposes Repealing Dog-Breeding Law Prop B

And so begins the onslaught of people who care not what happens to man’s best friend. This makes me sick to my stomach.

— Kenn

From the AP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. | A state senator filed legislation Wednesday to repeal a voter-approved law that creates new regulations for dog breeders in Missouri, saying voters were misled and the rules won’t curb animal abuse.

Sen. Bill Stouffer’s measure was among dozens of proposals filed on the first day that lawmakers could introduce bills before the annual legislative session begins in January. The bills covered numerous topics, from buffer zones between cars and cyclists to banning all motorists from texting while driving.

Stouffer, whose largely rural district covers part of central Missouri, said voters were misled about the state’s dog breeding rules. The Republican said the approved ballot measure could loosen some existing requirements and would only affect breeders already following the rules.

“It does nothing to solve the problem of dog abuse,” said Stouffer, of Napton. “It only targets licensed dealers, and people that are ignoring the law now are not affected by this.”

Missouri voters last month approved a ballot measure that limited people to 50 breeding dogs and required that the animals be fed daily, provided annual veterinary care and given unfettered access to an outdoor exercise yard. Dogs also cannot be bred more than twice every 18 months.

To read the rest, click here.

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Michael haslam
Michael haslam
10 years ago

Then he should propose tougher laws and let people vote next time, not repeal.


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