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Major Dog Fighting Ring Busted Up In Claiborne County, Mississippi

By Tracy Armbruster

Authorities say the dog fights took place at a house on Highway 547 between Port Gibson and Pattison. Participants came in from Louisiana and Texas. Acting on a tip, deputies say they interrupted a fight in progress Saturday night around 7:30.

“We seen vehicles going into the area so then we proceeded in,“ recalls Sheriff Frank Davis.

He says 40-year-old Bryan Eggleston faces a list of felony charges. Eggleston is charged with promoting dog fighting, training dogs for fighting, and being a spectator.

“He’s the only one charged with the majority of the charges, most people are going to be charged as spectators to the dog fight,“ explains Sheriff Davis.

The sheriff tells News Channel 12, 25 other people are also being charged as spectators, which is also a felony. But, Sheriff Davis says the search is on for the dozens more who got away.

“People whose automobiles that was parked out there that night we have towed in,“ comments Sheriff Davis.

And, 13 pit bulls were seized from the property and taken to the Vicksburg-Warren County Humane Society.

“Almost everyone of these in here have ripped ears, the bite wounds are usually concentrated around the face, front legs, chest, we have one in here that they’re all cut up over the body and it’s just puncture wounds and lacerations,“ adds Georgia Lynn, President and Director of the Vicksburg-Warren County Humane Society.

Lynn claims all of the dogs are aggressive, and they are now waiting on a court order so they can put them down.

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12 years ago

I have a hard time believing that not one of those 13 dogs could be saved. What kind of testing did they do to determine that aggression? Are any of these dogs getting the chance that the Michael Vick dogs were lucky enough to receive after the horrible life they had lived up to that point?

12 years ago

I agree with sa_jen.

Question Ms. Georgia Lynn, President and Director of the Vicksburg-Warren County Humane Society.


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